To have a forbidden wish makes me scum; Kuzu no Honkai first impressions

Howdy folks I’ve got an impression post for you. Normally I do the three episode rule but this one couldn’t wait.

Kuzu no Honkai or rather scums wish follows the story of teenage high school lovers Mugi AwayaHanabi Yasuraoka. Mugi and Hanabi are the high school darling couple. Sounds pretty average just about right?. Well this is where it gets a insty-wintsy complicated for them.

You see; neither one are in love with each other. They are in fact in love with other people. School teachers to be in fact. Mugi is in love with Akane Minagawa. Who used to teach him in junior high. And Hanabi is in love with Narumi Kanai. A long time family friend. Oh boy. To try to discard their feelings for the ones that they can’t have, they got together to replace their hidden unrequited love. Or “replacements”. Whether this is a good thing or not remains to be seen. All though it is pretty predictable how it will end.

Now this premises isn’t new at all. What I like about it is the way it is handled. And that’s in a mature way. As this is a seinen show. So expect a realistic type of relationship or emotions being dealt with or displayed – not some OTT, exaggerated high school romance drama. Also many real life high school students have been there. Having crushes on their school teachers.

Essentially Mugi and Hanabi are using their relationship as a crutch to cope with the one they can’t be with. As they are semi-involved with each other; both physically and emotionally. I like how the story told about their unrequited feelings isn’t left field or came out of nowhere. It was held for some time. Sure it’s “coincidental” that they are all in the same high school. But that’s what makes it interesting. And the tone of the show as well. Also I do like how Hanabi instantly recognised someone else had the same feeling as her, just by looking at Mugi’ eyes.

The impression this of anime:

Overall impression: pretty good


kuzu no honkai - 1J

kuzu no honkai - 1F


Alternatives: can’t think of any (sorry)

What are your impression of the anime?. Have you seen this anime, or do you plan to?. Let me down in the comment section!!.


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6 thoughts on “To have a forbidden wish makes me scum; Kuzu no Honkai first impressions

  1. This one I wanted to see and after reading the reviews of the first episode I’d really like to see it, but unfortunately I don’t have access at this time. I’ll have to put this on my catch up list.

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    1. If you like a show with some dark, mature undertones. Then yeah this show will appeal. If you compare this to Matsumune’ revenge, there is a stark difference in handling and dipiction.

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  2. ?? I thought I was following your blog already *sigh* but anyways – followed!
    Anyways, I actually liked Scum’s wish – and I like the play of the panelization of scenes. Especially at the beginning, where theres a panel of the two teachers talking and giggling in one, and in the panel next to it, is Hana right behind her unrequited loves back. That scene had great presence and symbolism for her unrequited feelings – she was an outsider to him.

    Ah, anyways, I loved it. I’m kind of excited for this show!

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