MS cancels Scalebound

Well if you like(d) Plantinum Games video games, then you’ll be very surprised to read that MS has cancelled scalebound. This news has surprised me, shocked even. As I was looking forward to this title this year. Scalebound is Platinum Games answer to a action-rpg with co-op / multiplayer feature.

The game has been in development hell since 2012. That’s 4 years. So rather have the same case of The Last Guardian or even the much maligned Duke Nukem game. Which had close to 20 years of development cycle. MS pulled it. Not to shift the entirety of the blame to MS. Platinum Games were missing deadlines and milestones.

Not only that reportedly they were having problems; technically. The game was a mess all around. And that some of the senior leads took a month off.

You can read the article full here:

Also an interesting read:

Work on the game took a serious knock last autumn, Eurogamer sources say, when several senior members of the development team were forced to take a month away from the pressure of the project’s heavy workload.

And see the demo shown in E32016

Now here comes a bigger question. Who actually owns the IP to this?. If Platinum Games own then, it’s more likely that it will either go to the PS4 or to the switch. If MS owns it, then it just adds up to the list of IPs that they are sitting on.

Either way this is one AAA game that MS couldn’t afford to lose. As their lineup for 2017 looks weak. With only sea of thieves coming out this year.


3 thoughts on “MS cancels Scalebound

    1. Yeah, in fact it isn’t the last. There was a mega bloks halo game that got canned as well. MS are sitting on a lot of unused assests / IPs that are doing litterally nothing.

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