Life can’t get any more stranger than this; Life is strange (epi 1) gaming impression

Platform: Xbone | Genre: Adventure | Publisher: Square Enix | Game Hrs: 5-8 |

Well howdy folks, another gaming impression here and well. This one is a very interesting game. Published by Square Enix but done by a French developer called DontNod Entertainment.

Life is strange follows Maxine “Max” Caulfield. Who is attending a photography course in Blackwell academy / university in the fictional town of Arcadia Bay Oregon. During class she has this weird dream where her home town is destroyed by this severe storm. Naturally she is a gifted photographer who uses an instant Polaroid camera. Retro in comparison to the wealthy, ever popular snobby and class mate Victoria who is part of the elite social group “the vortex club”. Along with another wealthy snobby character Nathan whose parents fund Blackwell. A girl called Rachel is also missing.

Max goes in to the toilet (due to the dream she had) and witnesses two things; a blue butterfly and a classmate of hers is with a blue haired girl whom is killed. Upon witnessing this act. She develops the power to rewind time. And she used her power to rewind time and save the blue haired girl. From there Max tries to understand why she has the power, get to the bottom of Rachel Amber disappearance. And ultimately save the town from the impending storm.

The narrative on this game is nothing but brilliant. Sure you have the typical tropes that you find in any American high school setting. But the interaction with the cast and the ability to reverse time, in to redoing your mistakes or not. Is done really well. It isn’t forced, you get to see the consequences of your actions. I think Max is a really nice main character, you get to hear her inner monologue about certain things. Since coming back to Arcadia bay. And getting reacquainted with her BFF Chloe Price. Whom she has not spoken to since leaving.

Not only do you hear Max’ inner monologue but you get to read her journal; that is where you get a lot of the info on the cast and what you have to do next.

The game has 5 episodes and am playing the first one. It does a really good job of setting the story. The characters, everything. The pacing is pretty slow so you don’t feel the urgency of trying to get to the bottom of things. In fact the game encourages you to explore and hear Max’s thoughts on the place she calls home. You get this really tranquil music as you just watch her looking around at the things that she left behind.In fact the entire episode does. And it’s really nice.

The only problem is a slight one; lip syncing. Other than that, the game for me doesn’t have any other issues. Well not found in this episode. I really enjoyed playing this little gem. Hard to believe that this is an indie game. At the same time, it suits it. If it was a AAA game, I think it would suffer. The quality on this game is impressive.

Game impression: A

Let me know what you guys think of the game play down below in the comment section!!.


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10 thoughts on “Life can’t get any more stranger than this; Life is strange (epi 1) gaming impression

  1. Ooh I loved this game, apart from all the ‘teen speak’ stuff that no teen would ever say any more 😂 Besides that though, it didn’t fall into any of the condescending traps that teen stories can do at times. I was a sobbing wreck by the end of the fifth episode.

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  2. I have heard various positive reviews about this game and have been wanting to play it for a long time. Unfortunately, my parents did not allowed me to download it. So anyway, I will be sure to check this game out through your blog. Looking forward to a great game!

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  3. I totally loved this game up to a point. And I don’t mean this as the story progresses, no. The ending right before the actual ending, that moment when you’re told who the bad guys is…that’s absolutely precious.
    I didn’t actually like Max that much. Now that I think about it, I didn’t like Chloe that much either.
    I wrote a review on my blog as well ( but now, going over it, I think I was under the influence and over exaggerated a bit. This is still a very nice game nonetheless and it’s definitely worth your time and money.

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