Does the Xbox have any other IPs (Intellectual Property)?

Now this post might come off as a rant. So try to bare with it folks. As you know I tend to upload quick-play videos from my xbone (xbox one) to my youtube channel. These games have varied, not only do they pique my taste in the games but also, it is one of my aims to try to show that the stereotyped xbox (one) gamers aren’t all about shooters and racers.

And that is a really irritable tag or label even, made even worse by the hard-core Sony fan base / boys (who are called Sony pony). That a large part of hardcore xbox fans (or xbots as they are called) / owners only care about shooters and racers. That’s not entirely the case.

What other exclusives does the Xbox done have?

— random Sony fanboy

Now IPs and exclusives aren’t the same thing. It depends on which side of the fence you’re looking from. If it’s 1st party then it is. If it’s 3rd party then that can change, however going in to the changing times of exclusives requires a separate post. Going back to the main issue at hand.

As the title of the post says: Does the Xbox have other IPs besides the most commonly known ones. That being Forza Motor sport (and it’s spin-off horizon), Gears of Wars, the biggest known and a gaming icon; Master Chief from Halo. Before the fanboys used to throw out the action-RPG Fable, however as of last year Lion head studios closed down. So the future of the franchise is in the air. And MS have not indicated as to what they are plan on doing with the franchise. Will they reboot it and let some other studio (whether it is 1st or 3rd party) handle it. Time will only tell. Also even though it gets vastly over looked, MS did reboot Rare’ fighting game Killer Instinct.

As you can see; the main IP are 1st person FPS, third-person shooter, racing, a fighting and a rpg. Quite limited right?. As stated above, they are the most well-known ones. And the Sony fanboy will let you know that this is the only IPs they have. Ignorance and stupidity. Is what I have to say.

Xbox only have FPS and racing games

— random Sony fanboy

That is a misnomer. In the early life cycle of the Xbox 360 – they were throwing all sorts of games over the wall. And I do mean all sorts. For instance they had JRPGs on the system. Games from the father of final fantasy Hironobu Sakaguchi; Blue dragon and Lost Odyssey. Which are still loved to this day. However they are 3rd party. Now this is where it gets interesting. The RPG Kameo is done by Rare. A sequel was planned but it got shelved. Whilst it wasn’t well received due to the development cycle & what platform it was originally meant for, because Rare were originally still developing for Ninty before the buyout. In fact there were several games that Rare were working on. You can see an article from Euro Gamer with real vids. These vids can also be unlocked via through games achievement.

(C) Rare - Kameo 2 concept art
(C) Rare – Kameo 2 concept art

Perfect Dark – another one of Rare’ IP. This is your first person, stealth shooter. Yet they can pretty much reboot up and reimagined the franchise again. And instead of making in to another shooter, they can have their own stealth game. Be the answer to the metal gear solid franchise. Since Kojima is no longer with Konami anymore. And he prefers to develop for the PS platform.

Phil Spencer has stated that he likes the Crackdown and Phantom Dust franchises. And lo and behold they are coming to the Xbone. With phantom dust a remaster is in the works and is set to come out this year, sadly a remake was also announced but then cancelled. You can check out the video

Crackdown doesn’t have a date, and with spatial information about it. I suspect the game wil be revealed at this years E3. Bottom line is that MS do have different IPs that they are sitting on. And can be taken advantage of. However the fanboys do have a point….just one point

MS don’t take risks with their IPs

— random Sony fanboy

Sadly this point is the only one that stumps me in firing one back at them. Everything these days need to sell like hotcakes and unfortunately some of the IPs just don’t sell as well. Take a look at how Kameo did. Whilst I understand you don’t want to over-expose your core franchise. As it can lead to burn outs and fatigue with the franchises. Also poor story telling etc. MS are pretty much doing that with the titles named above. They need more faith in their own IPs and stick with them. Does it mean the Sony fanboy have any merit in what he is saying?. No.

With the lessening of FPS & racing on the Xbone console with few but more diverse games on the platform. The future looks more optimistic in removing that stereotype / label.


Thanks for reading this long-winded post. Let me know what you think. Did you find the post interesting or insightful?.


9 thoughts on “Does the Xbox have any other IPs (Intellectual Property)?

  1. In my gaming days, I used to be a complete PlayStation fanatic. Then I switched to the original Xbox when Doom and Half life came out exclusively on that console. After that came the Xbox 360…and my real online days came. I always thought that the Xbox online community was way better than what happened over on Ps3, partychat for instance. I really got a few fantastic friends out of that experience. As I am not gaming anymore, I really don’t know what is currently the better console. But I do hear Ps4, is winning out. Great and fun post, really brings back some memories 😀

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  2. I am a Sony fan because their consoles tend to get more JRPGs, which is what I am into. To be honest most of the games I buy are third party titles. Out of all the console makers Nintendo has the best first party library, but that hasn’t saved them from trailing in third place this generation.

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  3. Nice article. For some reason, I never got that interested in Xbox despite owing a 360. Since I really don’t have a preference for consoles, I just tend to buy whatever console has enough software I want to play/use and worth my while. It just happens by chance that Sony and Nintendo get most of business. Although, with almost everything getting ported to PC and showing up on Steam at some point, the whole console fanboy stuff is getting old. As long as you can play the games you want and care about on the system you want is what is important..well, to me anyway.

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  4. It’s nice to see some Xbox defense out there.

    I definitely agree there is more to Xbox than just shooters and racers. There are some quality games on the system that have merit such as Fable and Sunset Overdrive. Fable 1 was always the best for me though. It felt like the choices had far more dramatic weight to them and was less coated in silly humour like the later entries, yet it was still funny when it needed to be.

    I think it’s pretty dumb to bash people for the console they like or bash a console because you don’t play on it. That’s really dumb, and I can’t believe people still do it in this day and age.

    I know how you feel. My work colleagues constantly bash me because I play on consoles instead of PC and make the ridiculous claim that I’m some how “wrong” despite having legit reasons for doing so (exclusives, my friends play console, “gimmicks”, etc).

    However, I can’t see myself getting an Xbox One any time soon. Mostly because my favourite gaming franchises are only on Nintendo and Sony platforms.

    I spend most of my gaming time playing JRPG’s which, aside from big franchises like FF, the Xbox One doesn’t have or ever seem to get. And I play Nintendo games when I’m in the mood for something a little shorter that’s 9/10 times guaranteed to take my breath away from a design and gameplay standpoint.

    I’m also forever bitter towards Microsoft for what they did to Rare as a company. Rare used to make what are arguably some of the greatest games ever made. Games like Donkey Kong Country 2 and Banjo Kazooie. Now they make Kinect games nobody buys while remastering the games that made them successful in the first place. It’s no wonder their old employees all left to make Yooka-Laylee.

    But of course that’s just my preferences. I do have a 360, and I’ve had what probably equates to thousands of solid fun out of that console.

    Stand up for your console and don’t let other people tell you otherwise.

    Play the games you want to play on the console you choose to play them on. No one should be a fanboy, we should be embracing all companies instead of blindly supporting one.

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