A Cruel Fairy Tale 08: Izetta the last witch

Rickert is reading the fairy tail story of the white witch of Eylstadt. As he prepares for his infiltration of Eylstadt. Doing a night drop (where soldiers dropped in using the cover of night.) Izetta has caught a cold or is over exhausted from all the work she is doing. And Fine has ordered some dress for a Lord Redford’s birthday party. Even though Rickert didn’t land smoothly as he hoped, his main objective is met; infiltrate and then met Cpt Laurence in the capital. Whilst posing as a passing citizen. He notices just how nice the people are. He accidentally falls in to a small pond. Where Lotte and a disguised Bianca are passing by. They pick him up. Rickert flirts with Bianca.

Lots of fairy tails have their tragic endings changed

— Rickert

Bianca gives some encouraging words to Rickert. Since he can’t join the army. Rickerts is beginning to question his mission & reason of the war once he started meeting with the populace. Sieg is cautious of the fact that a spy has infiltrated and wants to prevent the enemy from knowing the secret. Bianca & Rickert discuss the ending of the fairy tale of the white witch.

Point of interests:
  • The prince of Eylstadt fell love with the white witch
  • Izetta has never worn fine dresses. Ever.
  • Ricket has never done a night jump before.

Izetta - 8E

Izetta - 8H

Fantasy vs reality. Thats what this episode is mainly about. Rickert is right, most fantasy stories are a dark tale. With a dark ending, although most are sanitized these days. Take the sleeping beauty tale. We all know the sanitized Disney version of the tale. Right?. Where Rose had fallen in to a deep sleep and that Malefiecent was the one that created the forest of thorns. Well that version isn’t correct. And it omits. The inaccuracy is; it wasn’t Maleficent that created the forest of thorns. It is the faires themselves. And what Disney’ retelling omits is; that Rose and the kingdom were asleep…for a hundred years. Talk about being a cougar, go get em’ tiger! rawr. Anyway.

I think it is interesting to see two different view points of the same story. You see the romanticized version from Bianca. Who believes in true love and happiness. To that of Rickert, who sees the harsh reality and that things don’t always end in a good way. In an ironic twist, the two love birds were almost semi-playing out the roles. Where Rickert is like the beginning of the book and Bianca is the fairy tale ending. Normally true love conquers all. But on this occasion a bullet and the forest floor conquered all.

Eat that Yuri on ice!!!. All the build up to the yuri-baiting has finally payed off!. A yuri kiss occurred!!!. It’s ironic that Fine actually looked like a prince with an extremely long hair and that Izetta looked like a princess. On to the next episode!!!.

Episode Grade: B

What are your thoughts of the current episode?. As usual comments are welcomed in the section below.


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2 thoughts on “A Cruel Fairy Tale 08: Izetta the last witch

  1. I liked this episode better than a lot of the previous ones since it went back to what I was churning in the back of my mind since the 2nd episode, where the old lady warns Izetta about humans. The witch’s story is much darker than the Elystadt fairy tale that everyone buys into, and I think that’s a fascinating social commentary.

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