First Impressions of a brand new order: Fate/Grand Order -first order-

Well this is the first post for 2017 and what better way than to start with a franchise that I just love. And this is a movie.

Fate Grand Order’ narrative is set in the distant future. Where magic and technology go hand in hand and where humanity are dwindling for some reason. Chaldea is an organistation that wants to investigate as to why that is. All they know is that there seems to be a point in human history that started this – they called it singularity point F. Which is the cause of it. They want to go back there and rectify the situation, so that humanity can prosper again. Time travel in other words.

So a small group called potentials lead by the director Olga Marie Animusphere of Chaldea are chosen. Enter Rituska Fujimura. Who initially gets excluded from the first mission. Because he fell asleep when Olga was giving the speech. Ritsuka also met a young lady called Mash Kyrielight. They quickly gel with each other. Mash isn’t your normal potential. Just before the first mission started an explosion occurred. Naturally this put a massive damper on things. So it fell upon Rituska and Mash to find out what exactly did happen in the past.

Remember where I wrote Mash isn’t your typical potential?. Well it turns out that Mash is in fact….a demi-servant wielding a massive shield. Basically half-human, half servant.

Ritsuka did literally nothing for me. Just your typical cut out cardboard male lead. Olga, is in fact a white-haired Rin Tohsaka. Though her fate (no – well pun intended) left me a bit sad. I do feel that she is a joint interesting character. Mash – I’m not sure what to make of her, I do like her outfit though.

The reason why I said Olga is a joint character that is interesting is because; FGO focused just a bit more on the servants from FSN. And I do love the cameos made by them. Case in point Lancer from FSN had his role changed; in this he is a caster class, just before he passed on he would like to come back as a lancer. And he doesn’t get killed off!!! – you killed Lancer, you’re not human!!…okay jokes aside Whilst still maintaing his rivalry with Archer (EMIYA). Which is just funny. FSN Rider – is now lancer. And boy heck did she finally get one over Shinji. Even if it was brutal.

The cameo made by Alt Saber is really nice to see (I’m sure a certain blogger will be ecstatic).

The impression this anime left on me:

Overall impression: slightly above average


FateGrandOrder - 4

Fate Grand Order - Mash

Alternatives: FSN 06, FSN: UBW, Fate / Zero

What are your impression of the anime?. Have you seen this anime, or do you plan to?. Let me down in the comment section!!.


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4 thoughts on “First Impressions of a brand new order: Fate/Grand Order -first order-

  1. If Lancer isn’t Lancer, he actually stands a chance of living! Being not Lancer is not suffering?

    I didn’t love Fate/Grand Order, but I do think that it definitely had some enjoyable moments, especially when it got into the battles which had the exciting drama and choreography I’ve come to expect from a Fate show which made it a mostly fun watch once it got going.

    Did you also notice the weird Evangelion-esque imagery of the Chaldea base? I’m not sure if this was supposed to be pointing to something in particular, but it happened a few too many times to feel just like coincidence.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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  2. Well….after reading this review I definitely plan to watch this one. Really like the storyline that you are describing. Totally my cup of tea so to speak. Thanks for this review, and ofcourse I would almost forget: Happy New Year ! 😀

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