Being a postman is like being a busy bee: Letter Bee mini review

Well tis the season and postmen and women will be very busy delivering parcels, letters and sorts to millions of people across the world. So I thought why not do a review on an anime that is about postal men and women. Tagami bachi or letter bee is exactly that. A story about a young postboy and his faithful dingo.

By risking my life, I’ll definitely get you delivered to campbell!!. Because that’s the job of a letter bee

— Gauche Suede

Lag Seeing is the young boy who was found by the most hardest working letter bee Gauche Suede. What’s funny about their meeting is that Lag was the parcel that needed to be delivered to to the small town of Campbell. During the trip to Campbell they interact with one another. One thing that Gauche noticed about Lag is that he is very emotional, to the point of him crying on just about everything. So Gauche delivered Lag successfully to Campbell. It is there that Lag promised to be a letter bee and met Gauche again, and same to him. A few years pass and Lag is now a letter bee.

The most noticeable thing about Lag is that he has a spirit amber in his left eye. Spirit ambers are insects that are encased and then placed in to a weapon called Shindan. They resonate with ones heart and then allow them to fire spirit energy to destroy gaichuus. Gaichuu are large heavily armoured insects that devour people’s hearts. But they can only be destroyed by hitting it in a specific spot.

The second biggest thing about Lag is that he is a cry baby. He cries literally over anything. He puts Gauche’ sister Sylvette to shame as she was once a cry baby. As he joins the letter bee group he makes some new friends in; Zasie and Conor. With Niche, Lag’ dingo the small group find themselves having adventures through out Amberground.


  • Lag is very endearing, even when he cries
  • Series are episodic – however they are heart warming
  • Niche being Lag’ dingo
  • Zasie seems a bit rough but actually cares, Conor is a good character too. He eats alot this is due to the nature of his shindan being bombs
  • Gauche is just cool, followed by Jiggy Pepper
  • Niche being told off by Lag to put some underwear on, when she jumps around
  • Steak and Niche relationship – Niche wants to eat steak but just never gets the time too
  • Sylvette being the wheelchair leporadess – she drives her wheelchair at high speeds
  • The gang finds Sylvette’ soup being out right disgusting but don’t have the heart to tell her
  • Aria being a complete air headed klutz – no sense of direction at all
  • The competition between Niche and Sylvette
  • The OP / ED – especially done by HIMEKA (Himeka is Canadian by the way)
  • Art is pretty good – for its time


  • His constant crying can get a tad annoying
  • Noir lying to the group especially to Sylvette
  • Gaichuu CGI are just bad and look like plastic
  • Amberground’ world building isn’t fully revealed – at least to me it isn’t
  • How the Gaichuu came about
  • Lag looks for his mother in the first half of the series, but then she gets dropped for Gauche
  • The logo of the letter bee is in fact a hornet

Overall Grade: B+

Here is the ending to Tegami bachi 😀


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