Sucking at or playing football has its Days of fun

Well if you’ve read my first impression of days. Then you’ll be up to speed as to what this anime is all about. The anime follows Tsuku Tsukamoto as he plays football with his best friend Jin Kazama. And he made the soccer team – however there is a slight catch. He has never kicked a ball in his life and he has joined the prestigious Seiseki high school football team. His adventures awaits!.

Yesterday, the captain was involved with pretty much every goal we scored

— Kimishta

Tsuku pretty much had it bad making friends. He was always alone. And gets nervous whenever he gets put on the spot. This all changed when he met Kazama. Instantly they became best friends – all through the power of football. Kazama himself has it bad as the other boys were all jealous of his god like skills on the pitch when he was a child, as well as having good looks and being able to pull in the girls. Also he’s highly intelligent but gives off a slacker attitude. What the manga states and the anime implies is that; Kazama is homeless and comes from a broken home.

It’s interesting that the show actually highlights the teams personalities. Which alot of sports animes don’t do. From the captain Mizuki – who has no sense of awareness or direction. But is the best player on the pitch. It’s also quite interesting that he is sympathetic towards Tsuku because – as it turned out he was like him when he first started out. Then you get the angry bad boy Kimishita. The free-kick specialist. With deadly accuracy of passing. Kimishta and Oobshiba have a love-hate relationship. But see themselves as good team mates whilst on the pitch.


  • The spotlight on the team – football is a team based sport, not one that focuses on certain players and neglects the other members. Having said that
  • Comedic moments were pretty funny
  • The last match was pretty intense – it showed that even without the best players Seiseki is still strong
  • Mizuki sense of awareness and direction is just hilarious. He kept clean and prayed at the wrong shrine
  • Tsuku gets better at his football skills
  • Ubukata disciplining the first years and even the coach
  • Both OP by Howl be Quiet is pretty good (I also got a like on twitter from them, how cool is that!!)
  • A classic under dog story


  • The other members didn’t as much screen time till around the 2nd cour of the series
  • The pacing of the show
  • All other matches weren’t that interesting. The last match did have the team grind out a win
  • Animation and the use of CGI weren’t the best
  • Tsuku as a character doesn’t develop as much – and to a certain extent his football skills. At least he isn’t running around as much unlike the first cour were we saw him running around a lot
  • Still not sure what Ubukata’ role is in the series
  • Under dog story with slow development might not be your thing

Overall Grade: C+


5 thoughts on “Sucking at or playing football has its Days of fun

  1. I’d love to see Ubukata get more of a role in the second season. She’s slowly actually doing more than just sitting in the background and actively working to assist the team but she did have a few good moments this season.
    Have to agree with your rating. This show is fun and full of heart but it really isn’t all that good. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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