The Battle of Sognefjord 07: Izetta the last witch

The allied nations are in a meeting and are all worried that the Germanians have completed their powerful air craft carrier Drachenfels. The allied nations asks Stanley for the assistance of the USA. But he declines them. They themselves are skeptical and would like to know if Izetta is real and would she be an asset to them in the war. With that Redfern introduces Fine and of course Izetta herself. In exchange for war assistance, Izetta will destroy the Drachenfel.

A single carrier can’t change the course of war

— Prime Minister Burns

The area in which the Drachenfels is situated in the ley lines dip in strength so Izetta’ power will be inconsistent. Izetta is flustered that she is on the same bed, never mind in the same bedroom as Fine. The girls have a bit of fun (nothing happened). However it was to break the tension and hide Fine worries about Izetta’ up coming mission. Fine requested that Izetta take a specific route to get to the carrier. And so the mission starts.

Point of interests:
  • The Drachenfels is a flagship carrier for the Germanians
  • Nord could be Norway
  • Prime Minister Burns is Winston Churchill

Izetta - 7I

Izetta - 7J

A very good episode. The pace really picked up. Also we meet some well known figures, namely Prime Minister Burns (no not from the Simpsons) is Winston Churchill. He always had a cigar. Which is a dead give away.

During WWII Europe repeatedly asked the Americans for assistence. And they pretty much rejected them. So to have the American representative doing the same thing is a pretty nice nod.

In this episode it’s nice to know that Izetta isn’t as powerful as she is made out. With drops in the magical ley lines it really was a touch and go for her to complete the mission. I’m abit let down by the fact that Izetta and Fine were told to hit the bilge or the center of the carrier with 4 torpedos, but then it only took two torpedos to take it out and it wasn’t in the center. So it made quite pointless to even bring it up.

Why did the Germanians even use their precious carrier as a decoy, is quite stupid. At the same time it was worth losing to find something out when they had a weapon of their own in the works.

I did like the intimate moment between Fine and Izetta had. It showed just how much they care for each other as friends. Even if it did imply a small yuri undertone.

Episode Grade: B

What are your thoughts of the current episode?. As usual comments are welcomed in the section below.


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4 thoughts on “The Battle of Sognefjord 07: Izetta the last witch

  1. The guiding the bombs inside but did seem like a bit of a cheat particularly as it should have been mission over after she list 1, and why didn’t they give her spares if it was that important?

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