Tug of core; Recore game impression

Platform: Xbone | Genre: Action/Adventure | Publisher: MS Studio | Game Hrs: 4-6 |

I do apologise for the shakey camera found in the video. The game isn’t like that. It seems to be from the actual recording or post editing. I’ll probably will record new footage – in the mean time bare with it, so thanks.

From the maker of mega man (known as rock man in Japan) & mighty no.9 Keiji Inafune and the makers of metriod prime comes a new action/adventure for the xbox one. Enter recore. Let’s roll.

The Story:

The game is about humanities attempt to colonise a world. So they’ve found a new planet called Far Eden. In what looks like a barren world. They attempt to terraform it via core bots, in fit for humans to live on. Enter Joule Adams, the last remaining colonist. She woke from cryo-stasis to find out that she woke up .. later than anticipated. To make matters worse … the core bots have gone rogue. Armed with a rifle and her trusted K-9 core bot Mack. Together they traverse far eden, in hopes as to know what exactly went wrong.

The Mechanics:

First of Joule doesn’t level up in the traditional sense, rather her weapon levels up. However her core-bots are the ones that level up. And you can adjust them to your needs. Via through finding scrap parts, blue prints and extracting cores from enemy bots. There are four colours; red, blue, yellow and white. When facing core bots, they come in the said colours. To do maximum damage you need to have your ammo and your core bot matching the colour of that bot.

The only way to extract cores from enemy bots is using Joule’ extractor. This is essentially a tug of war. To try and get the core out of the bot. As you can see in the video above, that is what I’m doing. Each enemy bot has a certain level, the higher the level the rarer and stronger the core will be. These are then infused with your bot, thus helping them to get stronger. Whilst you can extract cores pretty quickly, for the most part you have to weaken the bot. The health bar for the bot has a small triangle, once you’ve reduced it to the triangle that is the optimal moment to extract a core. You can decide; if you destroy a bot, you get scraps. However if you extract a core, you get a core but no scraps.

Joule can get to higher places via double jumps and boosts. However some areas are inaccessible even with her double jumps and boosts. So having her bots helping is a must.

Game impression:

I really enjoy this game. If you’re in to action / adventure / platformer then this will (hopefully) appeal to you. The game allows a small amount of exploration (semi linear) so you do get an idea about the world far eden – and the story in general. And the situation Joule is in. Mack is invaluable to you at the beginning. Of course as you progress through the game you find other core bots that will help you get around and face off against more stronger bots. Also each bot has a strength and weakness to a particular type of bot. Along side the colour alignment.

The biggest draw back to the game is the loading times, even though a patch supposed to have sorted this out. It still suffers from it. I could say FFXV has a long loading time. I don’t discredit the game for it. The other complaint is that is gets repetitive. Tell me what games don’t get repetitive at times?. The game in my opinion is criticised harshly. Two things were the “drawbacks” and it gets called mediocre. Seriously?.

Game impression: B

Let me know what you guys think of the game play down below in the comment section!!.


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4 thoughts on “Tug of core; Recore game impression

    1. Thanks for the comment :D. Yeah it is!. Whilst recore is a console exclusive (only physical) to the Xbox one. If you buy it digitially on the windows store you can play it on both the PC and Xbox one. It’s part of the play anywhere scheme from MS.

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