Living the life of a thief; gaming first impression

Platform: Xbone | Genre: stealth | Publisher: Square Enix | Game Hrs: 3 |

Well it looks like another SE game. Yes, I am quite selective on my games for the xbone :P. However the genre is pretty much different. The game is called Thief. Yes, you read that correctly. I’ll give you a quick back ground.

The franchise:

Thief is a franchise that started out on the PC. The main studio Looking Glass Studio did the first two series. However they went bust after the second one, however the team created a new studio Ion Storm. But then they were acquired by Eidos Montreal. The main lead is called Garrett. A master thief. You follow Garrett, as he goes around the city. Stealing and doing jobs.

The mechanics:

The there are 3 types of playstyles in the game; ghost, opportunist and predator. And you are in fact assessed at the end of each chapter on what play style you used. In chapter one I pretty much did a predator. A brief run down on each play style; ghost is where you go unnoticed aka staying in the shadows. Opportunist is where you run the risk of getting seen but stealing from people. And lastly predator is where you play aggressively aka killing guards and people.

The game predates assassin creed. In fact this game is a major influence on the series. As the AC franchise encourages you to blend in with your enviroment. In thief, this is a pretty much a given since you play the role of a thief. Through out the game and this depends on what playstyle you intend to go with. Are given things like; water arrows – which douse torches (this can alert guards patroling). Flame arrows / arrow heads – which are used in the more aggressive playstyle.


I do love the gritty, dark world that thief is set in. In comparison to assassins creed where everything is pretty and solid. Garrett isn’t as athletic as Ezio or any other of the assassins in the AC franchise. In other words, you won’t see Garrett  doing some parkour off the roof tops. And he isn’t as charming either. He is more of a real thief, set in a fantasy medival world. And does what he can to get by. The game itself is pretty much solid. Although I do struggle to pay attention to the amount of information been giving to me.

The world or rather the city is pretty expansive, which makes exploring fun. I do love staying in the shadows for the most part. The weather system used is just cool.

For a game that came out in 2014, it’s okay.

Game impression: C/C+

Let me know what you guys think of the game play down below in the comment section!!.


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3 thoughts on “Living the life of a thief; gaming first impression

  1. I haven’t played for a long time, but I managed to play for a few hours on Thanksgiving Day , after pigging out…. The game is Bloodborne, and I love it….. though it’s insanely hard…..or maybe I’ve just lost my gaming skill.

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