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On a Quiet Day: Episode 06

Hey up folks, sorry for this episode review being late. Yes I’ve fallen behind but not to worry I’ll catch up. Anyway on with the show. “Bullet proof” Jonas has over heard Sieg and co going over the details of the show that Izetta put on and is now making his way back to camp – water buckets and all. Coincidently he runs in to one of his superiors. Who was exposed from the last episode as a Germanian spy. Izetta is caught by Lotte doing some gardening. The media attention that Izetta has received has garnered a world wide audience. Fine teases Izetta on her ability to be convincing when she had no powers. Fine never thought Eylstadt would get a respite after being invaded. So she’s taking the opportunity to wind down a bit.

You’re working here again?

— Lotte

Elvaira tries to teach Izetta on the proper ettiquette on being a lady. And has Bianca dance with her. After the dance lesson, discussion shifted to tea and pie. Fine loves a particular pie from a particular store. Meanwhile Sieg has a discussion with a shady looking guy called Koontz. He is tasked in getting as much information out of Jonas, to see if he has spilled the beans on Izetta’ secret. Berkman gets special privvy to the works of division 9.

Point of interests:
  • Old mines were used to help create the illusion of Izetta using her powers
  • Izetta isn’t used to being waited on hand and foot
  • Propaganda during WWII were pretty much common

Izetta - 6D

Izetta - 6I

Obi Wan to Anakin Skywalker: “We’re at war Anakin” from star wars episode III.

You’re probably wondering why I quoted that line. Well if you were paying close attention. Sieg pretty much said the same thing. War has never been a good thing. That is a given. One thing I did learn is that war has always created war heroes. But the question I like to ask is; did it ever come a time where they had to make a decision where it blurred ethics.

Well case in point, Sieg faced the exact same thing. And he made a decision knowing he has to live with it. When it came to deciding the fate of young Jonas. The show or rather this episode is clearly depicating Sieg as this cold, calculating morally grey character. Blurring the lines of what is ethically right and wrong. Did he do the right thing?. Protect a secret that could harm morale and even the nation or risk another spy infiltrating the army in hopes of obtaining information.

That is the brutal nature of war; trust no one.

It is very interesting that the Germanian empire has a far more advanced manufacturing industry – just like how Nazi Germany was. That is how Germany held their own. This is a country that owed billions to the allied nations. Yet they were able to hold off the allied nations who were well off than them. It’s also intereting to point out that there were rumours that the Nazis were interested in the occult. Again parallels.

On a more brighter note. The episode played with garden, pies, tea & Fine’ bust size. Heck even Bianca has a bigger bust size than Fine has. And Bianca is more manly than Hans or Sieg!. Okay that small joke aside. The episode had us watch the girls live what is quintessentially an everyday normal life. The calm before the storm if you will. I think when you have something as horrible as war banging on your doorstep. You would like to not think about it.

This post has hit the half-way mark. I will say this; the pacing of the show has upped. I belive this started around episode 4.

Episode Grade: B

What are your thoughts of the current episode?. As usual comments are welcomed in the section below.


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5 thoughts on “On a Quiet Day: Episode 06

  1. I still think temporarily confining Jonas would have been just as effective as a bullet to the brain in this instance. More importantly, for all they knew the secret was already out so too little too late. They were just lucky that somehow they found out about the Germanian spy and got there just as he was asking Jonas for the information (another of those coincidences that this show loves to use as plot).

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    1. The question is; what would they charged him under?. They could charge him under some trumped up charge. But then it would lead to suspicion of treason conducted by Jonas. Treason in the past held the highest penalty. Even if they did lock him away, I suspect he would have been sought out for unknown reasons when he was released. Unless they kept him locked up for the rest of his life. Sieg would have made the charges stick, I think Fine would think otherwise.
      Tbf these coincidences are pretty much littered in most anime these days.


      1. Coincidence is important but it can’t be the entire basis of you story and its starting to feel that Izetta is hanging on by a wing and a prayer because most of the meetings and encounters that have drive the plot have been coincidence based.

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        1. I do see where you’re coming from, but I wouldn’t say it’s the entire basis of the plot / story. Does it play a factor in the story; yup. If it didn’t have it, I do feel the story / plot would be disjointed in some ways. For example; why would a normadic witch help a country / princess out – especially where she faces prejudce. If Izetta agreed, it would feel totally left field and out of the blue. I do feel the coincidence is one of the reason why the pacing of the show is the way it is.

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  2. I always (well almost always) watch shows when they are completely finished, but as I am seeing on a lot of reviews on this show is that the initial great start of the series, is unfortunately going downhill a bit. Still, as I really like the storyline for this one, I will be checking it out for myself 😀

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