A False Miracle 05: Izetta the last witch

Fine is crowned as the new ruler of Eylstadt. She also address the worlds media and introduces Izetta, a modern-day witch to the world. Giving a warning to anyone (in particular to Germania) that they shall face Izetta’ wrath should they mess with Eylstadt. The emporer is very interested in Izetta. Now that she’ proven a witch exists in the modern day. Izetta displays her powers for the media, against a small brigade and liberates a small town. The press are mightily impressed with her.

Europe is griped by the flames of war

— Fine

Berkman, the man that kept Izetta in stasis is keen to recapture her. So he’s enlisted the help of the pilot Basler who was seen in episode 2. Berkman also wants to see the extent of Izetta’ powers. Whether they have a limit – if so how can it be exploited to their advantage. The world is now showing interest in Eylstadt plight and to confirm Izetta’ powers for themselves. Germania have advanced in to the veile pass.

Point of interests:
  • Eylstadt is an Alpine state – in the real world geographically, it could be either Switzerland, Austria or Liechtenstein. More likely Switzerland
  • The press conference was done to show off Izetta’ powers and it gained worldwide attention
  • The invasion was just to secure a route between the empire and the Romulus federation

izetta - 5B

izetta - 5F

I really can’t say too much on this episode. As this episode pretty much focused on showing off Izetta and her capabilities as a witch to the ever skeptical world. To which Fine and co did a fine job at. The reasoning for Germania invading Eylstadt is to create a route to the Med and Africa. Understandable as they explained they want to join up with their allies The Romulus federation. And going through Eylstadt is the quickest way.

I assume the Romulus federation is an allusion to Italy & Mussolini. As they were allies to Hitler and Nazi Germany.

I’m pretty impressed at Izetta. For a shy, modest, quiet, klutz of a girl. Her knack for the theatrics almost rivals to that of Lelouch. I mean come on, they practically blagged her abilities to their own men let alone the Germanians. Nice touch with the sound effects, the booming voice were broadcasted over a PA system – where Izetta’ boobs held up a small mic. In all the producation value were that good, I’m sure it could have been made in to west end musical. I’m still abit skeptical about the snipers though.

What does concern me is the heavy reliance on Izetta from the Eylstadtian army. This could lead to complacency and even a major loss in a key area, should Izetta be caught or dragged in to an area where ley line don’t exist.

Good god, why would you speak about top-secret / confidential stuff out in the open – where anyone can over hear you?. Made no….oh wait bullet proof Jonas returns. So it does have some purpose.

Episode Grade: B

What are your thoughts of the current episode?. As usual comments are welcomed in the section below.


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2 thoughts on “A False Miracle 05: Izetta the last witch

  1. This show seems determined ot keep rushing through things. We built up Izetta through propaganda in a single episode and had the Germanians hit the one spot she couldn’t protect and set it up so someone would learn her flaw. All of these ideas felt like they needed longer to really come along and be dealt with in a way that didn’t make it feel like the writers were just keen to get to the nex thing.
    It’s still a really pretty show but I’m liking the pacing and story less and less.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think they are building up to that with Berkman. How the army and people respond to their saviour being flawed will be interesting. I can see where your coming from. War based stories tend to be dragged out and at times feel real dry. So to keep it interesting I guess they keep doing these cute girls things to keep it “fresh”. It feels like a homage to an old anime called Candy Candy.

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