Secret of the witch 04: Izetta the last witch

From where episode 3 left off on a high note. Episode 4 starts off on a low note. The archduke of Elystadt and Fine’ father has passed away. Only the cabinet know of this. Fine returns too late, even though she celebrates his service – she couldn’t hold back her sadness. The emperor of Germania has stripped the commanding officer of unit 169th his rank and lands – and believes in witches. Izetta is uncomfortable in her new surrounding. And everyone is eager to meet the white witch & her powers. Fine has her personal maid Lotte attend to her. Bianca, Fine’ bodyguard is suspicious of Izetta at first.

Your excellency, thank you for years of distinguished service to our country

— Fine

Fine address the cabinet, that should they announce the archduke death. It would do more harm than good. Izetta’ power has come under scrutiny – as she couldn’t even dodge a water jug from hitting her. Izetta explains the strengths and weaknesses of her magic, thus confirming everyone suspicion. Knowing the unreliability of their new saviour, Muller decides it’s best to exploit or rather fabricate knowledge of what is known and not known to the world and more importantly to the Germanians.

Point of interests:
  • Izetta isn’t used to such fine luxury – and she is abit of a klutz
  • Fine is next in line to ascend the throne of Elystadt
  • Ley Lines are magical energies that exist throughout the world – once used they return to the world

izetta - 4I

izetta - 4G

I do love that little piano piece at the beginning. It really caught the atmosphere, that sombre feeling. Also it is quite nice to see that even though Fine lost her father, she appreciated everything he did for his country & daughter. And she didn’t linger on being sad for too long.

Poor Izetta – she gets molested twice and gets hit by a water jug to boot!. The small fan service of Lotte undressing Izetta is just funny. And with Friedman feeling up Izetta, she somewhat get her little revenge on Fine. As Friedman felt her up too.

The whole point of this episode is pretty much an interesting one. It confirms the skeptics within the cabinets. Is Izetta the real deal or just a fake. And in a way the episode did a good job of making sure that Izetta isn’t some over powered MC, who can pull some magic out of thin air and wins. Now that they know the strengths and weakness of her magic, they pretty have to work miracles themselves – or rather think strategically. In order to get the upper hand. They introduced ley-lines. As someone who plays an MMO which deals with ley-lines as part of the grand story telling, I’m pretty familiar with it. Ley lines are just “there”. They get used and then go back to the energy stream. They are eternal.

It’s curious why the Germania emperor is interested in the white witch?. I’ve mentioned it before, but this anime really does remind me of Valkyria Chronicle.

Overall, the episode is to give some back story to the magics used. Nothing more or less. And it did just fine. Also the United States of Atlanta?.

Episode Grade: C

What are your thoughts of the current episode?. As usual comments are welcomed in the section below.


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2 thoughts on “Secret of the witch 04: Izetta the last witch

  1. Yeah, they still haven’t really explained why Germania were kidnapping Izetta in the first place or why they were interested in the legend to begin with. Hopefully that’s coming in future episodes.

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