Make no bones about a beautiful review

This review has been on the works for a long time coming. So after re-watching it twice, I thought it’s about time I did a review on my fav autumn / winter showing of last year beautiful bones: Sakurako’ investigation (A corpse is buried under Sakurako’ feet).

The skull is one of the most eloquent bones in existence. If you just ask, it will tell you many things

— Kujo, Sakurako

The story follows Shoutarou Tatewaki, a high schooler. Being a high schooler is his day job. However in his free time he is non-other than Dr. Watson. Trusted side-kick to the most famous detective ever ….. Sakurako Kujo. Okay that is a joke. Though not inaccurate. There is a well-known character; Sakurako Kujo. Sakurako is a well-known osteologist (for those that don’t know it studies bones) who also happens to cover various other forensic fields (this is shown through out several episodes).

Intelligent & beautiful with a sharp tongue to boot. Sakurako is no dummy, she is also an introvert. And she hates people or rather “small talk”. So it’s up to Shoutarou or “shounen” to make sure that Sakurako can navigate around the most simplest social moments. She also has two loves; bones & cakes (sweet stuff).

The show is seen from the perspective of Shoutarou, as he attends or rather gets up caught up in cases with Sakurako. And this happens by finding a dead body .. of some sort.


  • Sakurako – her character is the star and for a reason
  • Sakurako’ VA Itou, Shizuka is just amazing. She caught the sharp tongue down to a tee when scolding Shoutarou or other characters
  • The art is really good
  • As stated above Sakurako is competent in many forensic fields – however the down side is
  • The OP & ED are my favs; Dear Answer (OP) & Uchiyoserareta Boukyaku no Zankyou ni (ED)
  • Sakurako has a sweet tooth – she gets scolded by her house keeper if she eats too many before dinner, which is funny
  • Mysteries are light and aren’t too heavy or drawn out – they are episodic
  • Side characters do get some attention – however
  • The scientific / forensic explanations are done in a way in which they are understandable
  • Sakurako is very child like when she finds a bone or when it comes to sweet things
  • Shoutarou reaction to Sakurako calling him “Shounen” and his way of treating her


  • The show never explains that Sakurako has studied other forensic fields besides Osteology
  • Shoutarou doesn’t do much other than whine at Sakurako or harbour hidden attraction towards her
  • The small cut scene where Sakurako is transforming to her “magical detective” is pointless
  • Many of the side characters serve little function – and feel like they are shoehorned in for the sake of it in later episodes
  • Sakurako has a fiance – he is mentioned just twice and never mentioned there after. If he is mentioned, it’s only done in a off handed way. And it’s never expanded upon – doe she really love him or just done to keep any other suitors off
  • Her uncle who is lying in a hospital bed, his condition is never explained
  • How Hanabusa takes the sphenoid bone isn’t explained either

Overall Grade: B

 And so a review was found beneath Sakurako’ feet.


9 thoughts on “Make no bones about a beautiful review

  1. Your negatives and positives lists sum up more or less exactly what I like and dislike about the show. I’ve been meaning to revisit it actually, so it was timely I came across your review.

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  2. Ah, Sakurako, what a character. Everything that you mentioned about her accurately captions her aura, especially about her (and her VA) being incredibly quick-witted and sharp with the tongue. I never knew that she was based off of an actual osteologist, and I also didn’t remember that she had a fiance. It’s crazy what memory does to ya. On the animation standpoint it really is a beauty to behold. I can’t wait until Sentai Filmworks releases it so that I can revisit that musty mansion all over again. As for story, I like the way the last couple of episodes took us back to how they met and all–That’s unique, and a pleasant way to end a first season. But that’s just it. In order for an ending like that to really work, we NEED more, like in most cases. But alas, we can only continue to cross our fingers and reminisce over the old stuff.

    I recall conversing with you about this show as it aired. To answer, yes, I have been waiting for this! What a wonderful throwback and review to summarize our days~!

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  3. I really enjoyed watching this but it really felt like that last episode was where the story was just getting started and then there wasn’t anything else. That said, it is beautiful and the characters are really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. This almost (emphasis on almost) sounds like one of my favorite television shows:Bones. This really looks like a pretty neat show, and reading the positives vs. the negatives, I think that the positives definitely more than decide it for me. Another series I am adding to my ” to watch list ” 😀

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    1. It kind of is, but without David B as a school kid xDD. Bare in mind the mysterys are light & episodic with only 3 small mini-arcs. So long you don’t mind them and not expect a Agatha Christie mystery, you’ll enjoy it :D.

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