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The sword in the heavens: Episode 03

Continuing on from the last episode. Germanina are continuing with their advancement in Eylstadt. The Eylstadt ground troops face heavy bombardment from the air. This doesn’t break their spirit. Jonas a young soldier, who has been conscripted in to the army by the looks of it. Isn’t ready for war. As the troops face heavy casualties and come under immense fire power from the superior Germaninas. All they can do is stall the invaders. Fine is distraught that her countrymen are risking their lives, just for stalling. And that she has refused Izetta from participating.

Coenenberg was where the first archduke of Eylstadt withstood a siege

— Master Sergeant

The soldiers who are at the mansion want to help out their fellows in Coenenburg, but Fine refuses them to do so. All they can do is watch. Germanian have re-commenced their aerial bombing when a sudden attack came out of no where. The mysterious attacker is none other than Izetta.

Point of interests:
  • Eylstadt tanks are inferior to the Germanians
  • Kiltfelt seems like a small hamlet just south of Coenenberg – being used as a military HQ
  • Izetta can manipulate medieval weapons with ease

izetta - 3B

izetta - 3E

The first half of the episode is really interesting. It showed the horrors of war. What it would be like for men who were / are fighting in the trenches. The Germans were known for their aerial combat prowess. So the episode did a real nice touch in replicating that here with the bombing.

By the second half of the episode however, it went clichéd a bit. At the same time though, it showed the camaraderie between the fellows soldiers who are fighting in the trenches. Again harking back to wars. Having someone watching your back. Someone you can trust with your life. Leadership is also important.

I’m impressed with Fine in this episode. She made a really tough decision. The one being that she wouldn’t let her men sacrifice themselves to in what was a losing battle in Coenenburg. Live to fight another day. And that is something. She really grew on me here.

Izetta has me charmed now. Her slight ditziness when she collided with the tree is cute. Though her powers can be OP. Her ability to use lances as improvised homing missiles is just brilliant!. Though her use for swords to attack tanks … -1 for that. How the hell are swords going to get through a tanks armour?.

For all the positives, there is a negative. The negative for me is the art quality. It really dropped in this episode. At times they had no faces, then no mouths. And it sucked. Also what the hell were the soldiers singing?. I can only assume that it’s the national anthem for Eylstadt?.

Overall the episode didn’t focus on Fine or Izetta, but the battle and the soldiers fighting it.

Episode Grade: B+

What are your thoughts of the current episode?. As usual comments are welcomed in the section below.


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6 thoughts on “The sword in the heavens: Episode 03

  1. The soldier’s singing was a little too much for me and I skipped forward just to see if anything followed it. It may have mant to be heartwarming or whatever but mostly I was just left rolling my eyes.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I usually wait for a series to be completed before starting on it (so I can bingewatch it lol) but for this one I might make an exception. The storyline for this one sounds very interesting, and I have seen mostly positive reviews so far. Great review 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is interesting. It’s incredibly rich for me to say so – but binge might be a good idea. Give an epi a shot and then see if it’s worth a massive binge out on it :D.

      Liked by 1 person

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