Driving to the new horzion, viva la forza!!

Platform: Xbone | Genre: Racing-simulation | Publisher: MS Studios | Game Hrs: 30 min |

As the title indicates, yes I am playing a racing game. Forza Motorsport or FM Horizon 3 to be more exact. Also this isn’t the full game but a demo. However you shouldn’t let it cloud your interest in this post. I am however planning on getting the full game at a later date.

What is Forza Motorsport / Horizon?

For those of you that don’t know, or aren’t familiar with the franchise. I’ll give you a quick low down on the franchise. When MS ventured in to the console world, only a major title in the racing simulation genre dominated. And that is Gran Turismo – owned by Sony and an exclusive to the Playstation console. To counter this MS created an in-house development team called Turn 10. Their goal is to counter the dominance held by the GT franchise. And so Forza is created. The franchise debuted on the original Xbox console.

Horizon is a spin-off of the main franchise. And it’s handled by a different studio called Playground Game. And as the number in the name suggests, yes it is the third installment.


As with any racing games, you race. That’s it. You get to tune up and kit out your car like; custom car colour, decals, wheels etc. The skies the limit for your creative design. With tuning, is where you really need to be a petrol head or get to grips with it. As the wrong tuning can be a hinderance in your race(s). In horizon, you race other drivers to get fans and money to help get the horizon event name out there.

Of course crashing in to things damages your car, which of course in the option you can set it to full simulation. I had mines on cosmetic.

You don’t have to race of course, finding new routes is also something viable for the event. This of course is subjective on my part, since I’m only playing the demo which has a 30 minute timer limit.


The horizon event is held in Australia. And boy hell is there a lot of details put in to the game. The video above does not do justice to the graphics. The game is in 1080p, whilst the recording is in 720p HD. To simply put it; GORGEOUS. I really mean that. The graphics are that impressive. For a console that gets bashed for only managing to do 900p HD on multiplat games, Playground Games have really done a fantastic job. From the graphics and the handling of the car. Going off-road and seeing the Australian country side is just breath-taking.

Sure the game can get repetitive, but the fun is amazing. I enjoyed smashing in to trees, doing burnout, e-drifts, driving through trash cans and smashing up white picket fences.

Game impression: A+

Let me know what you guys think of the game play down below in the comment section!!.


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10 thoughts on “Driving to the new horzion, viva la forza!!

    1. It’s availabe on the PC, digital only though. It’s part of MS play anywhere scheme. For a physical copy of the game; Xbox one. I guess we’re both terrible drivers xDD.


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