Scars & Gunfire 02: Izetta the last witch

I do apologise for the über late episode review posts for this & epi 3 folks. As I’ve said on twitter both of them will be up at some point this week. They will be behind current episode(s), however prior to writing up epi reviews I made a mental decision take my time on the show. Now that’s out-of-the-way, on with the show!.

Continuing on from the last epi, the invasion isn’t going so smoothly for the Germanians as they thought (which isn’t surprising to us). When a small squadron flying overhead receive a distress radio call, they go on to investigate the commotion. When they see our two leads flying on an air rifle. Shortly an air battle ensures, which forces Izetta to use her powers in defence. However the thought of killing upsets her, so in response Fine also wants to have blood on her hand. So what do they use as a weapon, the improvised broom stick they are riding on. It did enough to stop their persuers, however Fine isn’t doing too well.

Captain, it looks to me like two girls flying on a rifle…

— Germanian pilot

Back at the capital Landsburgg (go with the name) the king of Eylstadt is worried sick for his country and daughter. Their renowned fort Schweizen fell to the Germanians. Which indicated that a good part of the country if not the capital would eventually fall, all they could do is delay the Germanians advancement. Izetta has found help from retreating men who have retreated from the fort. The men are lead by Obermeyer. We do get a bit of a back story of the witch and princess, that will be dealt with below. They head to a deserted mansion. It is there that Izetta makes her resolve to Fine.

Point of interests:

  • Izetta was living in a small village – before the Germanian invasion massacred the villagers
  • Izetta’ grandmother forbids Izetta from using her powers in front of people – as she will be prejudiced against
  • Allegedly Izetta can fly speeds up to 400 Kph on an anti-air rifle

izetta - 2B

izetta - 2D

I know I said there wasn’t any back story in the first episode. However this episode has proved me wrong. There is a good back story to both characters. Fine as a young princess never had a close friend, so I guess she felt isolated because of her rank. Which ties in the way she befriended Izetta. For Izetta, as long as she can remember, she was prejudiced against because she was “different”. And the two girls connected via a mutual connection of isolationism.

Which is totally against what the show is all about. If you look at it, here are two people from different back grounds, walks of life. Coexisting with each other or rather becoming out right friends. In comparison to what the Germanians are doing. Dominating and discriminating. Which ties in to as how Nazi Germany was at the time. So kudos there.

The back story also contrasts to their present day. In the back story, there was nothing but peace, tranquility and serenity. Whilst in the present, it is chaos, war and bloodshed. And the art really shows it. Which I’m really impressed with. Also I did like the way how the show depicted how hot a barrel gets once it fires a bullet. A nice touch to that.

Izetta is likeable. She has that slight ditziness about her, but at the same time awareness. That charm I guess. Her devotion to Fine is commendable. Though a touch on the cliché side of things.

Fine is starting to grow on me, her ability to command and act like someone who knows how to lead is pretty good. And isn’t a typical damsel in distress that needs saving. And the breaker; she takes the time to know her subjects name. Especially those that are risking their lives for her.

I will say this about the show, it so reminds me of Valkyria Chronicles.

Episode Grade: B+

So the witch takes up arms for her friend.


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