New Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Video, World of Final Fantasy Demo

Capcom have released two videos to their upcoming survival horror game Resi Evil. Both coming for the Xbone and PS4. With the PS4 getting full VR support. Sounds interesting, you can see the video here:

I’m definitely more interested in the VR. I’d assume it would be more scarier, since you’re seeing from a first person view. The horror genre would get revitalised, as it’s pretty much stagnating. However the real seller is MMO with VR. Any company gets it right with VR and MMORPG, they will be millionaires over night.

Well SE have released a demo world of final fanasty for the NA, it’s coming out this October 25th. Just before it gets released there. Whilst the European versions have already been released for the PS4 & Vita. I’m trying my best to not confuse the name with world of warcraft, ha!.

I don’t own a PS4. So do let me know in the comment section below about this game!.

source Dualshockers: Resident Evil 7 | World of final fantasy


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3 thoughts on “New Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Video, World of Final Fantasy Demo

    1. Thanks for the comment :D. Yeah, RE4 is the one that sticks out for me the most. Namely because it’s the only one I actively played and finished xD. What games did you use to play?.

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