Beginning of war 01: Izetta the last witch

War isn’t something that any person or nation should ever be subjected too, as the effects and horrors are felt for generations to come. And it’s not just the horrors that are felt, the aftermath also has its ramifications. And that is the rebuilding of a nation, which has unfathomable monetary cost. But it pails to the cost of human lives. This is reflected more so in smaller nations. Who lack the power to stop an invading nation with superior numbers and artillery.

And this is shown in Izetta the last witch. We begin by having Princess Ortfiné Fredericka von Eylstadt – Fine for short – travelling through an unnamed neutral country on a train. The backdrop is set in alternative 1940 Europe with a WWII back drop. I say alternative as the invading country is known as Germania, which shouldn’t be too hard to know which country it points too. Germanians soldiers are looking her. As Fine and her two body guards who are accompanying her, make their way through the train to make their escape. What did catch Fine’ attention is a capsule that the train is carrying.

It’s the trust of the people that keeps me alive, isn’t it?

— Princess Fine

She survives the jump, but one of her body guards unfortunately dies. All in her service. This saddens her, even her quote tells something about her. A princess that is willing to die for her beloved nation but altruistic with a sense of nationalism – which isn’t a bad thing if done in the right way. It is revealed that the whole reason why she is travelling is that wants to gain support from Britannia. In other words a key member of the allied nations. Since her nation isn’t as wealthy, the only way to gain such support is by political marriage. However she is captured by the Germanians. In a small scuffle she gets shot in the arm. In a predictable fashion the person in the capsule awakens.

Point of interests:

  • Ortfiné Fredericka von Eylstadt – Fine for short
  • Set in alternative 1940 Europe with a WWII back drop
  • Weiss Hexe – white witch; a legend found in Eylstadt

izetta - 1B

izetta - 1C

The show is clearly a nod to WWII – Germania being Nazi Germany (or some what it alludes to). Britain and France – the allied nations. Heck it even mentions that France got invaded by the Germans. It doesn’t hide it, if anything it makes it blatant to the viewers. Now I don’t claim to be an expert in WWII history, but I think it does a good job in trying to replicate what exactly happened in Europe. Obviously the show introduces fantasy based elements like the fore mentioned witch, to differentiate it as much as possible without it being a historical retelling.

The witch seems to be the key to something. As to what type this “emperor” is, can be anyones guess. But if the show is anything, then it will be a stereotypical “dictator”. Guess who it is referring to, I wonder.

It is pretty much obvious who the person was in the capsule, as the show makes no effort to hide it. It literally gives the whole thing away at the beginning.

With Fine, I’m  undecided on her. She comes across as a strong, independent woman; who knows her way around the political world. She was bold / willing enough to give up her title as princess, if it saved her nation (this is the reason I came out with what I said about her above). I think the main reason I’m undecided on her is because the show just gave no room for development – this boils down to pacing. Although I could be harsh here and say it gave enough world exposition dump. And that it is just setting up the world and characters for future episodes.

I did like the slow running through the train, when they went to jump out. That got a lol out of me. The soundtracks were pretty good and did their part in creating a small atmosphere, albeit it isn’t memorable. The art however is a reminiscent to Miyazaki’ earlier works. Especially of the bombing of Eylstadt. It really did a good job of a nod to their direction.

The show has its small negatives, overall though it is a strong start.

Episode Grade: B

Will the white witch be the saviour to our princess and her homeland?.

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