Is Final Fantasy my Type or will it be a 0 for me?

Platform: Xbone | Genre: Action-RPG | Publisher: SquareEnix | Game Hrs: 6 |

Before I kick off this post, this will be my 300th post….YA-HOOOOOOOOO. Okay back to normal. I’m very partial to RPGs, especially to JRPG. However not all JRPG are actually all that good. There have been some duds. So to hear that SE released a FF series, in particular FF type-0 (agito as well) on the PSP some years ago, is quite interesting. Now this was never released in the West. So to make it up for lost time. They released it now and in good old HD remaster (ain’t that nice). To get a (very) small sample of the game, hit the play button on the vid (my YT channel). Yes that is me playing with that daft gamer-tag …. ⇒ moving right along.

Game synopsis:

The story focuses on Class Zero, a group of fourteen students from the Vermillion Peristylium, a magical academy in the Dominion of Rubrum. When the Militesi Empire launches an assault on the other Crystal States of Orience, seeking to control their respective crystals, Class Zero is mobilized for the defense of Rubrum.

FF type-0 is part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis. You know the “hated” series in the entire franchise; FFXIII (I actually like it). There are 14 characters in total. And the beauty of it is, they are all ready, primed and selectable for your gaming pleasure.


  • Ace (MC)
  • Deuce
  • Trey
  • Cater
  • Cinque
  • Sice
  • Seven
  • Eight
  • Nine
  • Jack
  • Queen
  • King
  • Machina
  • Rem

Seven automatically reminds me of Light. A younger version with silver hair instead of rose-coloured hair. Ace vaguely resembles Cloud.


You get to set the leader of the group, this character will be your main lead of the party of three – by default however is Ace. The next two vary upon your choice. You can decide the composition of your team. Each character has weapon, magic strength. Upon entering battle, you can change your team up real-time. So if one goes down, you can replace them. The members that are not in your active team are called reserves.

You can either attack free style or locking on to mobs. At the end of the fight you can get some items and be able to replenish MP via locking on to defeated mobs. The down side is that only the active 3 members will get exp, so it is wise that you try to distribute exp by changing the members around.


I found the controls especially the camera, very clunky. At first I had to hold down the RB shoulder button to lock on, but at times I couldn’t. And I just kept missing my target. However in the option section you can auto lock, which is a life saver. What did frustrate me is that when I wanted to change target, because of the camera being so clunky, it made it hard to do. So I just randomly hit any mob.

You only have about 12 hrs free time in-game to do whatever you want – this diminishes when you do some side quests. Then it’s mission time. A mandatory event you have to do. As stated above I’ve only done about 6 hrs. So I haven’t progressed that much (at all). The story line pretty much ties in with FF13 lore / world / story. The dated graphics are not the best. Since it is a port of the PSP. For the video, I recorded mine at 720p HD from the Xbone. I don’t know what res the PS4 can do. You do get to raise chocobos, if that is a bonus.

The game struggles to keep my attention. As I haven’t played the game in about 3-5 days since the recording of the video. When I do play it though, it is quite interesting, especially the story. For new comers, it might be confusing as some of the terms used in game. Is a direct reference to FFXIII, since the games are built around the lore.

Impression Grade: C+

Recommedation: FF XIII – just purely on the lore side of things. If you don’t know what a I’Cie is, then that’s the place to start. Wait till FFXV comes out – the series that is still technically/ part of the fabula nova series.

Let me know whether you have played this game. Or played FFXIII. As usual coo your thoughts down in the comment section.

Catch ya next time guys.


11 thoughts on “Is Final Fantasy my Type or will it be a 0 for me?

  1. First of all, nice title!!! 😀 I would love to think in Titles like that! 😀
    I completely forgot to talk about the parties in my review ahah However I didn’t find the camera clunky at all, maybe because I’m playing on PS4? But that shouldn’t make a difference should it? Well, I dunno, maybe I did feel the same as you but since I’ve played longer as you before posting the review I got used to it? I dunno! XD
    Great review non the less! xD It’s a bummer that you didn’t like this one that much though

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Arthifis :D. It’ll eventually come naturally to you as you spend more time blogging xDD. I haven’t played the PS4 version so, I can’t say. Most likely so, it’s good you enjoyed it though.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah can’t wait either :D. I can’t remember legend of dragoon :(, though it might be in Sony’ favour to remake it at some point. Since they kind of nugged SE in to remaking FF7 (least fav for me) for the PS4.


  2. I am looking forward to FFXV, I will be stuck on PS4 this year haha. Interesting review by the way. I never played this game but I do hear it’s a okay game. The game sorta reminds me of Crisis Core but with allies. I am not sure if I should get it.

    I am assuming that Fabula Nova Crystallis is the specific Final Fantasy world where the characters and story are the same. Just like you mentioned, this game is the similar lore to FFXIII.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Played FFXIII and loved it. So far only FFX and FFXIII have really grabbed me to the point where I’ve played them through more than once and I don’t pick up all the games, just every now and then I’m in to the mood for one and look for what is current.

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