Day 29 – Anime I wish was real

Well I’ve reached the penultimate day for this challenge. I won’t yap on too much, so let’s find out what the answer is.

Anime I wish was real. It was a tough one, as I had two anime in mind which had equal chances of it being put down as the choice to be. But alas I went with one. But before that, the runner up; Fairy tail. The world is so rich and funny with some of the best characters around. Not to mention the magic. That would be so cool, to see which magic everyone would have. For the record mine would be requip – a guardian version, counter part to Erza’ knight. Now for the winner.

Log Horizon

I’ve chosen LH because as most already know, I’m an MMO player. So it would have been a natural choice. Yes it’s an anime about them being trapped in a virtual world. However from what was a typical theme park MMO, became pretty much a sandbox MMO. The classes really interest me. I am not so sure what class I’d be. Probably either a cleric or a guardian :P. Most likely a guardian xDD.

What class would you be?.


6 thoughts on “Day 29 – Anime I wish was real

  1. Id have to agree with you, and LH is a better MMO to be stuck in than SAO. Not even mentioning the permadeath of SAO, but the NPCs and the lore behind the LH world is much more fleshed out. Why they spawn, how its affected history, its very much a ‘game first’ type layout, as opposed to a deadly trend.

    Good pick!! Sorry to see the challenge ending :/

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