Day 26 – Best anime fight

Not long now!!!. Moving swiftly towards the finishing line. Here is the answer to this days question.

Best anime fight. I could have picked something from bleach, in particularly Ichigo vs Ulquiorra. Obviously I didn’t as I’ve mentioned it in passing. For this choice, I went for a more current anime.

Dragon Ball Super: Goku vs Black Goku

I went with this. Seeing Goku going up against someone who not only looks like him, but learns like him. And it’s NOT Frieza. Or Cell. Even though they are one of his best fights from the entire franchise. Has got me pumped up!!.


14 thoughts on “Day 26 – Best anime fight

      1. In my opinion, Chivalry is so much better than Asterisk War. Just my opinion, okay ?

        In Chivalry, there’s actually a decent adult who’s in charge of the school…. In AW , the one in charge is a student their age and who can’t wait to get in the main guy’s pants.

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        1. Ren that’s absoulutely fine. I don’t mind at all. I’ve seen both, and asterisks over rides what ever I can remember of chivalry. As they were aired at the same time and are similar to each other. And yeah asterisks is a just big dud. God! I still remember her name, Claudia.


          1. I watched both , as well. In fact there was a time when I thought I was watching Chivalry…. turned out I was watching Asterisk War,and I was like…. Huh ? What’s going on…
            I liked that there was growth in the MC’s talent in Chivalry despite his lack of magic. I was always eager to see what he would do to win over overpowered rivals.

            I think the best one was his fight against the President of Student Council. He was weak, and knew he couldn’t win in a long sustained battle, so he attacked in one go with all his might. End of battle…. and it made a lot of sense. That was great. !!!! That answered the question Best anime fight.

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