Day 25 – Saddest anime death

Hey up all. I’m not going to be spending too much time yapping xDD. So on to the next question.

Saddest anime death. For me this one was a tough choice, but I picked one never the less.

Sheele – Akame ga kill death scene

To me this was the saddest death scene for me. Sheele is my favourite character, so for her to be killed off, and not just the way of how she died. Which just got me vexed at crazii girl.

The reason why I dislike Mine, is because she is partly the reason Sheele died. I’d have thrown that annoying tsun to the dog /rant end.


7 thoughts on “Day 25 – Saddest anime death

  1. I have nearly finished watching this series. Although I like the show for the action, I don’t think I would class any of the deaths among my saddest anime moments. Death loses impact when you overuse it (a problem Marvel/DC comics suffer from.)

    The script just seems to be a cycle of “funny/emotional moment so you like a character” followed by “kill off the character.”

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    1. Yeah, that is the main complaint of the series. It’s overused. Taking away the impact of the death that particular character had. By replacing it with another death – in the end it becomes a statistic.

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  2. I have the usual suspects, and although I haven’t really watched these animes, I’ve actually seen the endings, and I’m like, no. Clannad, Angel Beats, Your Lie in April

    I think Death Parade and Wolf and Children ???? and Romeo and Juliet, too .

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