Day 20 – Anime character that gets on my nerves

Hey up cubbys, can’t believe it, I’ve reached day 20!!!. Just 10 more to go (yes am stating the obvious – thanks captain obvious). Moving on to the challenge.

anime character that gets on my nerve. I’m not gonna say much on this character.

Mine – Akame ga kill

She gets on my nerves. Typical tsun. Nuff said.

18 thoughts on “Day 20 – Anime character that gets on my nerves

  1. I think she had the potential to grow as a character, but she was pigeonholed into an angry romantic role by the creators and the need for a possible romantic element. Id have liked to see how she would have developed post-revenge, if letting down her gaurd at all would have eased the tsundere in her and given her more than 1 character trait.

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    1. She would have annoyed me regardless, as thats one of her dominant personality traits. Chelsea had the potential to grow, but they killed her off to make way for Mine to become the main romantic interest fo Tatsumi.

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      1. i dont understand why though, i mean i guess thats kind of the point. the pointless deaths. all deaths are kind of pointless, not everyones a martyr or leaves a mark. and just because youre a protagonist doesnt mean your immortal, like many a show maintains. the show didnt particularly need a legit romance element, the comical romance with Esdeath was good enough.

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      2. I agree, it trivialised the characters death. At first it is a shock factor, but then it just became by the numbers. A statistic. Which is a shame really. Yeah I did enjoy the comical romance with Esdeath xDD. Wave is interesting. I think in the manga he runs off with Akame’ sister.


      3. oh really!! thats so cute! hes so happy, and shes so… emotionally scarred.

        the random deaths though, compared to the deaths in Game of Thrones, they did just become a statistic. The unknown aspect of not knowing, especially after the anime changed course form the manga, i was not expecting him to die in the end! cause hes the main character!

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      4. xDD, yeah the sweets she had were drugs apparently. In the manga Tatsumi is slowly dying. Something to do with the way he merged with his teigou. So in a weird way, it’s following the anime.


      5. yea no i think that specific Teigou, along with its sicessor, use abnormal amounts of host energy. I think i remember Bro talking about it before he died.

        The sword Tatsumi has at the beginning is a Teigu isnt it? or is it just a normal sword?

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  2. Having recently finished watching this (though still working on my review) I kind of get where you are coming from. Her character never really moves beyond being cliché and her sudden (and seemingly random) affection for Tatsumi makes no sense. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. So many get on my nerves…. at least there’s one in every anime, and mostly the MCs. Right off the bat…. Inuyasha, ( it’s a pity I don’t want to watch it anymore…. I happen to like all the characters except Inuyasha ), Kennusuke of Kuromukuro, ( although Ken is better than Inuyasha and depending on what happens on the last 2 episodes, I can rewatch it maybe 2 or more times. I love Yukina, the female MC .

    Also, Kou ( MC ) of Ao Haru Ride. I’m so annoyed at him I can make a 10 – page thesis on why he annoys me to the max. lol

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