Favourite supporting female anime character

Hey up folks, well I’m on the 18th day and it’s going great. Congrats to Matt for completing the challenge :). Right on to my own now.

Favourite supporting female anime character. Only one lady does sticks out in my mind.

Limalisha (Lim) – Lord Marksman & Vanadis (Madan no ou to Vanadis)

She is my favourite. Her exapseration when it comes Elen and Mila bickering is just funny. At first she was cautious around Tigre. But eventually warmed up to him. This is due to her stern, stoic, over protective tendencies. However Elen and Tigre found a weak spot in dear Lim. She has um *cough* soft spot for cute or shy things. Especially when it comes to *cough*cough* teddy bears. Which Elen and Tigre use to avoid her many lectures.


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