Day 17 – Best supporting male anime character

Without much introduction, about what the next challenge is. Also you can read the previous post here.

Best male anime supporting character. The choice I’ve made on this one is fairly predictable. And not too surprising either as this anime has made 2 entries so far.

Uryu Ishida – Bleach

Being semi-antagonistic towards soul reapers / shinigami and by extension Ichigo. Uryu has a love / hate relationship with them. At first he came across as the former. But as the series progressed, Uryu became a good friend to Ichigo. Even though he doesn’t want to openly admit it. Plus their bickering is quite funny. Always having Ichigo’ back no matter what. Is what made me choose Uryu as the best male support character. He does have a knack for the theatrics as well.

What’s your favourite male supporting character?.


4 thoughts on “Day 17 – Best supporting male anime character

  1. Great choice. Uryu is my favourite human (ish) character in Bleach and it is awesome that you’ve chosen him as the best supporting male character. I always feel bad for him that he gets sidelined so often when his powers are kind of awesome (but just not up to Ichigo’s standard – then again who is).
    Thanks for sharing.

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