Day 15 – Favourite animal sidekick, pet or summons in anime

And I’ve reached the half way point in this challenge. Yay me!!. Well this is one of the questions I’m looking forward to in answering. But before that, you can read the previous post here.  And so here I go in to answering it!.

favourite animal sidekick, pet or summons. Like any anime character they really need some sort of pet to help them in their time of need or just be a friend to them.

Frosch; side kick to Rogue Cheney – Fairy tail 

How can you not be touched by that … green neko (cat) or rather an exceed, who wears a pink frog suit. According to Lector, Frosch cried for 3 days when he found he wasn’t a frog. Now this loveable exceed is just funny. Why?, because he has the worst sense of direction. EVER. In the episode welcome home Frosch.

He wanted to get to back to his guildhall. But couldn’t find his way home. So he bumped in to the FT members and they all gave him directions. unbeknownst to him Sting, Rogue, Lector and Yukino were all supporting him – in the distance. Urging him on till gets to the guild hall. Which guildhall he ended up at, I’ll let you find out. Also he tends to agree with what every one says, his phrase is; “Frosch thinks so”.

What’s your favourite animal side kick, pet or summoning?.



4 thoughts on “Day 15 – Favourite animal sidekick, pet or summons in anime

  1. When reading Fairy Tail I always thought the all the other human companion exceed (besides Happy) were so cool/cute. I never knew Frosch had a story like that, now it seems I need to go and watch the series! My favourite companion is one that is actually my favourite character ever, Kanchome from Zatch Bell.

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