Day 13 – Anime characters I’m most similar too

Well I’m nearing the half way mark. Which is pretty amazing xDD, two weeks have already flown by. Good luck to Matt – he’s nearing the finishing line on this mammoth challenge. Good luck to Jill @ Humbleotaku. Who has just begun hers. Tessa @ All About Anime is doing pretty well. You can read the previous post here. On to the next one!!!.

Anime character I’m most similar to. Well this one will be an interesting one. As there are two characters I’m pretty similar to. They are quite…how to put it… different in many ways. So here they are.

Haruyuki Arita – Accel World

Haru loves video games, and his foods. Which I do also. He has a semi-low self-esteem, when I was younger I did as well. He is determined, as I am. He is optimistic. I’m somewhat am. It does take a dark turn at times though. The character is just so like me in some many ways, which is why I choose him as my avatar at times. However for every light, there must be darkness. Neither one can exist without each other. For balance is necessary.

Archer – Fate Stay Night

A dark character, that’s been jilted by the world and more importantly the stark realisation of the flaws in believing an overt simple ideal. With a realistic (or pessimistic) view on things. The ideals once held with such vigor, became his undoing. I know the feeling of that. Holding an ideal, and then coming to a stark realisation that, it isn’t what it was. Have it coming crashing down on you. Is pretty tough. Just like Archer, who doesn’t give away or tell you a full answer – I don’t at times. More like holding back the answer, for whatever reason.

What anime character are you like??


16 thoughts on “Day 13 – Anime characters I’m most similar too

    1. Nagato is one of my fav characters from Haruhi xDD. That space simulation video game battle between the computer club is just fantastic xDD. Interesting character choices though :).

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    1. 🙂 I found Minori an interesting character, she truly is Shiroe pupil. As she grew in to her role and got more confident at it. Everyone pretty much fear failing at learning new skills, the main thing is to not give up :D.

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  1. There’s one, but, as usual, I’ve forgotten the title. It’s a shoujo romance, and it’s story where the main girl doesn’t take cr*p from anyone. It’s like, you don’t like me? Well, eff you, I don’t like you , either. Go away. She’s like that, and I root for her.

    On second thought, maybe I’m like Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club, with a lot of eye rolling.

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