Day 08 – Favourite anime couple

So on to the one question that had me stumped. And it is a tough one since I’m rarely in to rom-com shows. And not really in to “ships”. So you can bet your bottom dollar that this post will only have one couple mentioned. You can also read yesterdays posts here.

Favourite anime couple. Well here goes nothing….

Gouda Takaeo & Rinko Yamato – Ore monogatari

This little show really caught me by surprise. Whilst the shows underlying message is “looks aren’t everything”. Since the main character Takeo is seen as “unattractive” by the girls that he likes. Whilst the girls on the other hand prefer his best friend Makoto Sunakawa – who is your traditional “handsome, intelligent, aloof” guy. So for Rinko to fall for Takeo. Certainly caught Takeo by surprise and Sunakawa to give her his blessings to persue Takeo.


8 thoughts on “Day 08 – Favourite anime couple

  1. Although I’m into romance, shojou thingies, I think the illustrator of this particular anime made the ” Object of her affection ” kind of unrealistically over the top unattractive, and his unattractiveness is enhanced by his friend who is drawn over the top attractive” * rolling eyes * His size , too….

    Maybe I’m just too shallow.

    But I do have some favorite anime couples…. Kimi ni Todoke, and the mains of Hiiro no Kakera and Chivalry of a Failed Knight.

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