Day 07 – My anime crush

Okay folks this post gets a little more personal. Sort of…I think. Anyway, the challenge is going great. The questions are fun to answer. So here is the next one. Also you can read the previous day post.

My anime crush. Yipes….I… have a confession. I…. have more than one crush. And they actually stem from different shows. However there is one character that piped them to the post. But before I mention who it is. I do have two other characters that were in mind. So they will get a honourable mention (click on the links to see them). Tia Harribel from bleach. I thought out of all the Espada’ she gave Nelliel a run for her money. And then we have Alexander “Sasha” Alshavin from Lord marksman and vanadis. She is a tragic character. And one I felt quite sad for. So on to the one….

Ultear Milkovich

Ultear has a really sad past. And she was pretty much misguided in the past. However she tried to redeem herself with her guild Crime Sorcière. And she did a good job of it, sadly though her role pretty came to an end at the end of the Grand Magic Game arc in Fairy tail (she didn’t die). I mentioned in my fav female anime post, that the ladies that drew me to them all had one common trait and that trait is; loneliness. I don’t know, I just want to give them a hug and tell them everything will be a okay.


10 thoughts on “Day 07 – My anime crush

    1. Yeah, same here. A misguided person who was just looking for happieness. Just looked in the wrong direction. Loved how Natsu thought she wanted an autograph from someone in the grand magic game arc. Made me laugh XDD.

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  1. Hello! Im just writing to check in. You see, I attempted to create a self-hosted site but it didn’t work out, but in doing so it ‘migrated’ you to receive updates from that now deleted website. If you’d like to still receive updates about me, feel free to click onto my blog(not going anywhere anymore now haha).
    -Sorry but thanks, Jill

    Ultear was definitely an interesting character. Her input on the battle against dragons was definitely a tear jerker, and it brings up a really good question about how people with emotional scars are supposed to carry on. Granted she.. didnt really carry on past then but she was a great enemy on Tenjiro island 🙂

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    1. Ah don’t worry about it Jill. Sad to hear that going self-hosting didn’t go so smoothly for you :(. Yeah I was pretty much gutted that her role ended there..for the time being (no pun intended). She makes a special appeareance in the manga as a projection of her younger self in the fight against Alvarez empire. I’ll certainly be dropping by Jill :D.


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