Day 05 – Anime you’re ashamed to have enjoyed

Well we’re on to the 5th day now and a very interesting question. You can read the previous days post here.

Anime that I’m ashamed to have enjoyed. So what IS my guilty pleasure. Well take a look…..

Bikini Warrior

…….. yes this anime is a guilty pleasure of mine. There is no plot or armour (or lack of). And yet the anime had me watching. And yes Dark Elf is my favourite one out of the four.

14 thoughts on “Day 05 – Anime you’re ashamed to have enjoyed

  1. you should watch Queens Blade then. its literally this series, with a plot. theres like 3 mini series, with a definite ecchi/lack of armor element. Theres a live snake for underwear at one point

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  2. Bikini Warriors is a funny show. Sometimes the gags fall flat (unlike the breast sizes) but it doesn’t matter as the episodes are short. I would class this as a guilty pleasure too, although I have rated so many echhi shows positively that I have become immune to feeling ashamed.

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    1. Yup fanservice galore. The most sterotypical videogame tropes xDD. They don’t have names, just their classes they are; mage, paladin, warrior, dark elf. It’s short though.

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