Favourite female anime character ever

Okay folks, we’re moving nicely and slowly here. You can read the third post here. With the 4th day and it’s getting more personal. LOL, okay maybe not.

favourite female character ever. An interesting one, I do say. This one will be tough for me. As I do have some favourites. However one lovely lady does stand out for me. And the character chosen has a trait, which you’ll find out in another post. That trait is what I find myself drawn too. And it’s common among them.

Rider (Medusa) Fast Stay Night

There is something about Rider that I find quite interesting – maybe the silent, sultry, mysterious vibe she gives off :P. Even though she gets killed off in the first two routes of FSN. She actually shines in the last route. And she is down-to-earth than most other servants are.


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