Day 02 – Favourite anime watched so far

Howdy there folks, continuing on with my challenge. If you haven’t read the first one then, you can read it here. So am on day 2. And it’s a straight forward question, if I do say so.

favourite anime watched so far. This is a very obvious one. It’s Boku no pico…I joke, I joke!!. By obvious, I mean real obvious.

Tales of Zesteria the X

something about Sorey and Mikelo makes me enjoy their bro moments. Lailah, she’s just funny in the skits. What really stole the show for me is Velvet Crow having a two episode special. She already rocks. And her story or game isn’t even out yet!.


9 thoughts on “Day 02 – Favourite anime watched so far

    1. I’d avoid that anime Tessa. It’s not for the feint hearted. It’s basically a notorious anime where it almost justifies child sex explotation – under the guise of “for art sake”. I would say paedophillia, but the main lead is a young boy hitting puberty.

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