Day 01 – Very first anime I watched

Hey up folks, as you all know I’m attempting to do the 30 day challenge. So without further ado, I’ll let you know the answer to the first question.

My very first anime. Oh boy do this harks way back. The show is pretty old itself, however I watched in the early 90′. It’s a joint production between the Dutch or Belgium cartoon strip (can’t remember which) and a Japanese studio. The show called Ox tales. It’s about an Ox called Ollie running a farm with a turtle who appears to be his best friend. It’s a comedy. And pretty short too.

However it wasn’t till the mid 90′ that my memory become more sharper. And boy hell did the UK miss out on the DBZ, sailor moon hype train, I’ll tell you that. They did get something else though. And it isn’t what I call outstanding…..

…yes a show called samurai pizza cat. A nonsensical show, in which Saban tried to make sense out of it. Yeah, making the senseless, in to sense. That didn’t work. Anime during the 90′ was pretty scatter shot for me.


8 thoughts on “Day 01 – Very first anime I watched

  1. Mine was Sailor Moon, that ‘s for sure. But, I didn’t know it was Japanese , nor that it was called an anime… I just knew it was bad and cheap animation compared to Disney cartoons, so I wasn’t so eager to watch it. And we didn’t have TV channels that showed anime , anyways. We had Disney Channel, Nickilodeon, Warner Brothers…… and preferred to watch Sponge Bob right after school.

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  2. The UK has always been poorly served when it comes to anime. It took ages for DBZ for reach our shores, back in the days when Cartoon Network aired Tenchi Muyo and Gundam Wing. Sci-Fi Channel used to screen movies, although it was on late at night.

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