Sucking at football is fun: Days First Impressions

[UPDATE]: You can read the full review here.** plays the MOTD theme tune ** Well the EPL, that’s the English premier league. Or in general the football [soccer] season has kicked off [pun intended]. And for those that don’t know, I’m actually a semi-football fan. Heck I even play a game called football manager for the PC. It was known as championship manager – I cheat on that game like crazy, btw.

But anyway, enough about that. Days is exactly that; an anime about football. Normally you must have some skill in dribbling, passing, shooting, 1-on-2 defending, man marking etc to at least be a competent player. So you’d think days would do that right?. Find a kid genius and let him run rings around other players like he is Cristiano Ronaldo. Right?. Well……. you couldn’t be more farer from the truth. Meet Tsukushi, Tsukamoto. Tsuku is the exact opposite of Cristiano Ronaldo. Meanwhile the Cristiano Ronaldo of this anime is the secondary main character called Jin Kazama. How he befriends Tsukamoto is beyond belief.

Kazama somehow ropes Tsuku in to playing football. At first it was just for fun, but Tsuku went to try out for the school team. He learnt exactly how competitive the world of football is.

The problem with days is that it’s very unrealistic. It chooses the worst player to play on the team. If you have no skills, then you wouldn’t even be on the team, let alone be picked to play. That aside, the anime really shines under the spotlight. Why? because the underline tone to this anime is pretty simple and basic; don’t give up. And it does it pretty well, since you have a lead that fits the bill as the under dog. In fact the entire anime is your typical under dog story.

It did have me laugh out loud. There were some times where Tsuku had plenty of chances and missed some right clangers. I’m still not sure what role Chikako Ubukata is?.

For this,

The first impression of this anime:

Overall impression: pretty good


days 1

days 2

7 thoughts on “Sucking at football is fun: Days First Impressions

  1. I played loads of Championship Manager 2 back in the day. When I was younger I was footie mad. These days however I neglect the sport in favor of anime and video games. Besides it’s no fun when my team (Ipswich) lose so often.

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    1. Ipswich are still better than most championship teams, far better than my team Leeds XDD. Yeah same here, not so much in to the sport. I loved creating clubs though. And players.

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      1. Leeds are a big club so I am sure they can recover from their slow start. Ipswich need to improve the team, but the chairman doesn’t like spending money. To make matters worse our academy isn’t producing the superstars it once did.

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