Video Games News: [Rumour] PS4 Slim leaked?

Well this is taking gaming sites by surprise. It appears that someone has got their hands on a PS4. And not just a normal one. With Sony reportedly holding a conference on 7th September. With the revealing of the much awaited Neo and……a slim down version of the PS4.

source Eurogamer:

The new console was first spotted on auction website Gumtree, before being picked up by NeoGAF.

Twitter user shortmaneighty2, who spotted the Gumtree listing, and NeoGAF user Venom Fox have posted multiple images of the console, showing it boxed, unboxed and compared to the original PS4 console.

Does the image look real to you or a hoax?. It will be interesting to see if the rumour is real.


5 thoughts on “Video Games News: [Rumour] PS4 Slim leaked?

  1. I’ve been wanting to purchase a PS4, ( I need it now, Persona 5 , Ratchet and clank and God Of war are coming ! ) , but my loaded brother said he was going to buy a Neo, and he giving me his old PS4. Lucky me ! But he didn’t say anything about a slim PS4……

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    1. Slim PS4 pretty much does the same thing as a normal one. I suspect – that it might have a few tweaks to the GPU. Same way as the Xbone s did. But yeah pretty lucky! :D. PS4 slim was kept as a -not so- hush hush, but leaks pretty much outed them xDD.

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