CubbySoundHole: Accel World [OP]

Hey up folks!. For this week pick, I picked an anime that it’s one of my faves. And it’s pretty underated. In comparison to the sister series that is far more well known.  And that series is SAO.

Accel world have something called nero linkers. Which allow them to dive in to the virtual world. Haryuki Arita is a beast when it comes to games. He got the highest score, the only one to beat his top score is Kuroyukihime. And she kind of cheated on that as well xDD.

He eventually joins in something called brain burst. And he gains his avatar; silver crow. I will point out that whilst Kuroyukihime gets all the attention – another female character can rival her – Kurasaki Fuko. Kuroyukihime best friend.

Anyway that’s enough about me yapping at this anime.

Ladies and gentelman, without further ado, I present to you – May’n – chase the world


Leave a comment down below, and let me know what you think of it. Also would you like me to put one your favourite OP / Endings up on CubbySoundHole?. If so, let me know down below as well. Take care guys.


15 thoughts on “CubbySoundHole: Accel World [OP]

    1. Don’t watch the music video to the second opening – burst the gravity by altima. It is terrible bwhahahahaha xDD. It’s one of my favs :). Good luck in finishing it 😀

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      1. XDD – pretty much. I can’t seem to find the original version – they are actually working out in the gym. That was the second version.

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  1. I have to admit, I loved SAO but found Accel World a little slow. I didn’t actually remember the opening but the video you posted isn’t available in my country (thanks internet) so I’m now going to have to go look it up because I want to hear it. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I remember the music video to the second opening – burst the gravity by altima, bwhahahahaha, it is terrible xDD. AW is pretty much an aquired taste. If you came off SAO, then yeah it will be slow, not to mention the lead can be off putting. I found AW more interesting than SAO though xDD.

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    1. If you don’t mind a chubby lead. Who ends up getting the prettiest girl xDD. Yes Kuroyukihime is actually scared that if Haru loses weight, she’ll lose him. It’s a pretty decent series. you’ll hate Nomi with a passion xDD.

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      1. Well, I hope not too chubby, lol.

        I don’t want a perfect guy, ( looks, intelligence, etc ) … I’m sure I’ll have so many rivals, in fact I’m all for that geeky look who won’t attract girls, ha ha ha No trophy guy for me, thank you very much. So yeah, I ‘m sure that’s what the main girl thinks , as well. I remember a manga where the main girl doesn’t want her true love to lose the eyeglasses. lol

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      2. What manga is this?? xDD. Orignially it was pointed out that he was never chubby to begin with, he ate out of comfort. His parent(s) are right jerks. His mother borders on child neglect, since his parents never wanted him.


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