First Impressions: Another

 Studio: P.A Works

Director: Mizushima, Tsutomu | Air Date: 10/01/2012

Howdy folks, looks like I’m watching an anime that is out of season. Which haven’t been covered for a long time xDD. So I finally decided to see what the big deal is with this anime. And to be frank, all the hype and recommendations. Are indeed correct on this one.

Another is your typical horror, mystery anime. With a high school setting. And for a high school / mystery / horror. All I can see is…wow. This anime is just mind-blowing. I’m already in to episode 8 (yes this meant to be a 1st impression post) and boy hell does this series know how to create; an atmosphere, tension, drama, mystery and of course horror. And it doesn’t let up on it. It does enough to pick up your interest. And then leave you for more. It gives the viewers tidbits of information and then drags you in feet first in to the next episode.

Whilst I’m still out on Kouichi Sakakibara, it’s Misaka Mei that really steals the show. She has that air of mystery and intrigue – which catches you instantly. At first she looks like the candidate to be the culprit, then it flips it to Kouichi. The series does enough to make you think with all the circumstantial evidence, that character will be the one. Then it says “nah….you thought wrong”. It keeps you guessing. And that’s a good thing for a mystery anime.

Good lord is episode 7 just horrific and brutal to watch, with the home room teacher committing suicide in front of the class. Even though the art was tone down, it was still gruesome to watch. Made me cringe just watching that scene.

The high school drama itself doesn’t take away from the anime. It only adds to it.

The horror element is your typical J-horror. By that I mean stuff like the ring, the grudge. So if you like J-horror then this anime will be up your ally.

For this,

The initial impression this anime left me feeling:

Overall impression: Excellent

15 thoughts on “First Impressions: Another

    1. Yeah it felt rushed to me at the end. To me it was a cumulation of the paranoia that was bubbling underneath the students psyche. Not a pretty scene to behold.


  1. I also really enjoyed Another. I agree that they do a great job of making an eerie yet fascinating atmosphere that can give you the chills. I also really enjoyed the manga, but it is toned down a little.

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      1. No, it doesn’t continue on. The manga’s plot and ending are a little different though. I would recommend reading the manga because it provides a different experience and atmosphere. I can’t decide which I like better.

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  2. I really enjoy Another. It certainly has some flaws but it really does it the right notes with atmosphere and the story mostly makes sense with some good foreshadowing. Hope you enjoy the rest.

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