The legend of heroes trails in the sky (FC): Prologue

Hey all and welcome to my play through post. These posts are designed to just highlight some of the areas of the game, that I find interesting. It doesn’t mean it will be a key area of the game. You will also be able to read as to what I thought about that particular scene.


Thoughts: Here we meet the heroine of the story. A very tomboyish girl called Estelle (not that I need to tell you) as she tells you herself. I do love that she jumps on the boy in the bed – who lies injured by the way. Not that she really cared. She just didn’t want him to yell anymore. LOL!!.

Thoughts: XDD – Already I love Estelle’ personality. Jumping to conclusion about her father’ “supposed” infidelity. It shows that she is very family oriented, since she doesn’t want the family unit broken up.

Thoughts: This ties in to what I said about the 2nd image. A very nice family breakfast get-together. As you can see a few years have passed since the meeting of the boy. His name is Joshua. And he is adopted in to the Bright house hold.

Thoughts: This is interesting. As Joshua and Estelle are training up to be a bracer, just like their father. He thinks that Estelle mastering the staff is a lot harder than mastering the harmonica. Which indicates to me that despite Estelle being an optimistic, careless, air head. She is quite dedicated.

Thoughts: This is just funny. It’s establishing the gag that Estelle can’t cook very well. And that Joshua and her father are very much aware of this. And value their stomachs. Just wondering how often does Estelle actually offer to cook for the rest of the company that is awaiting to come together XDD.


Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think, via the comment section. Let them be heard!!!


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