CubbySoundHole: Fairy tail 10th OP

Hey up folks, it’s that time again. Where this time you get to see what I picked this time for cubbysoundhole. And well, for this week or first month of August, I picked a very peppy one. From none other than fairy tail.. I’m watching season 4. It’s the Tenrou arc where Grimorie Heart is attacking the guild and island.

I would have picked Towa no kizuna (everlasting bond) but I found that a little too sad. So I picked this one instead.

So without further ado ladies and gents, I present to you: I wish – Milky Bunny


Leave a comment down below, and let me know what you think of it. Also would you like me to put one your favourite OP / Endings up on CubbySoundHole?. If so, let me know down below as well. Take care guys.


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