The What if / I did: Had a character that was put in to an anime

Hey up everyone.

For this post I’ve chosen something that is very close to me. Or rather was close to me. For those that don’t know, I used to write fantasy stories when I was younger. Now I’ve stopped for a long time now. However the creative juices didn’t completely go. It’s just I don’t put anything down to note / paper. So I thought why don’t I show you my favourite villain I created at the time. To any or would be creative writers, let me know what you guys think in the comment section.

Disclaimer: the image(s) used are for visual purpose only. They are not my character design or art.

Character bio: Lucian Reinheart 

Tall, elegant with almond shaped blue eyes and orange medium-length hair. Wearing an outfit is that of an elegant mystic/sorcerer/dark wizard. With a grimoire at his side or found in his hand. Wearing a small silver ring, with a blood red jewel embedded in it.

Intelligent, cunning, manipulative and confident. Harbouring a Machiavellian personality trait. Coupled with this Lucian’ ability in the arcane arts, knowledge and powers are formidable for even the most seasoned sorcer. His vampirc trait allows him to turn himself in to a fog.

Being born to a human mother and a vampire father. Lucian is a dhampir. A term used for those that were neither fully human or vampire. An abomination to both set of race. Dhampir are technically stronger than vampires as they lack the inherent disabilities that would be normally associated with them.

At a young age, he was sent to a school for witches and wizards. There he was a magical prodigy. Excelling at the magical arts. His knowledge also grew exponentially. As did his thirst. In a few years he was heralded as the bastion of excellence in the magical arts. This did not suit well for him, as he peers scorned him. This did not bother him, as he had little thought for them. So it was great joy to them, for when they learned he was cast out. This did little to soothe his bitterness.

So a few more years passed. Only to return….

12 thoughts on “The What if / I did: Had a character that was put in to an anime

  1. He is normal guy like other men if you ask me (except his magic). In VP game, he sides with MC but was rejected by his crush. In VP Silmelia, he becomes villain who wants his crush for himself. No matter he will choose which path, he is still the same, do his best for his own purpose, and isn’t interested that people will hate him or not. It’s selfish & hopeless, but his doing can’t be ignored. I find this character is very interesting. It’s too bad his role has not much.

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    1. Yeah I played VP 2: Silmeria. I too found Lezard interesting. Not so much a crush, more like an obession with Lenneth. I felt really sad for Alicia when she lost both her parents :(.

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      1. so you played VP2. For me, I played VP. When Lenneth goes to Dipan, I don’t really know what exactly happened to this kingdom, but from atmosphere in that area, I felt something really bad happened, no any single life is in the kingdom.

        I felt sad for Alicia too, vp2 is bittersweet game plot for me.

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    1. You know that ring he wears. It helps him to suck souls out – whether it is in close or range approx. To feed on & use it as a source of magical engery. He also serves a dark deity, who is reborn as a / inhabits a young child (about 7 or 8 in appearence). His mother was raped by that vampire – who is his father. His favourite spell is black ice – he uses it to freeze his victims and then uses the ring to suck their soul keeps his victim nice and ‘fresh’ for him. That as far as I went xDD.

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    1. I was developing him to be a villian at first then slowly make him in to an anti-hero xDD. But alas it will never be known. I stopped developimg him for a long time now. Well stopped doing creative writing altogether.


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