Spring / Summer first impression: Alderamin on the Sky

Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin or the more quicker English translation; Aldermin on the sky.

The story follows: Ikta Solork, Yatarishino “Yatori” Igsem, Torway Remion, Matthew Tetdrich, Haroma Becker & Shamille Kitra Katvarnmaninik (yes try saying that name real fast). As they take on a military grade examination in service of the empire.

Straight off the bat, the two characters that really catch me are Yatori and Ikta (however that slightly changes). The reason being is that Ikata doesn’t come off as your typical male lead. That being he is; lazy, slothful and a womaniser. However behind them traits, belies a genius tactician. One who can lead an army to victory. Yatori caught my attention as well. For one she doesn’t show the typical female leads characteristics. She is strong, loyal to the empire and the monarchy. And can guess what Ikta is thinking (somewhat as Ikta is a genius) plus she knows when to put him back in his place. And she doesn’t fall for his charms (as easily). I put that down as based upon the episodes watched. You can say they compliment each other. Being the brains and one being the brawn?.

There is a close friendship between them, which I hope doesn’t turn in to a typical romance thing. As stated, they work well and balance each other out. Besides, Ikta might not go for Yatori, since he has a thing for older women. As noted in episode 3.

As stated earlier, Yatori and Ikta aren’t the only ones that caught my attention. Matthew and Troway. Troway because he is an exceptional marksman, and Matthew because he is shares a similar trait to myself and that is hard word. He works hard to achieve something and wants to improve. The gag is that he sees Troway and Yatori as rivals because their families are more well known than his is.

The problem I initially had with this anime is that I couldn’t remember the names. It took me a while to remember them. Also the pacing was pretty slow at the start, however it has picked up. Those are the only things I can think of that can hinder this anime.

For me, this anime is a:

Priority: High

Screen-shot Gallery:
Gallery 1:


nejimaki-seirei-senki-tenkyou - 8

Gallery 2:

nejimaki-seirei-senki-tenkyou - 7

nejimaki-seirei-senki-tenkyou - 6


Have you seen this show?. If so, what are your impressions of it?. What did you like / dislike about the show. If you haven’t, would you consider watching this show?. Let me know down in the comments section below.


12 thoughts on “Spring / Summer first impression: Alderamin on the Sky

  1. There is so much mystery around Itka. We dont really get to know anything about him until episode 5, and even then we are left with a large time gap.

    It gives you just enough information to think youve figured it out tho 🙂 i like it!

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      1. But i do agree that any romance would ruin ikta and igsems relationship. And I looove how he used Torways sniping to humiliate Torways olded brothers. They think so low of their brother, not anymore!

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  2. I haven’t seen any of the show yet primarily because I’m wary of it turning out to be kind of a typical LN adaptation despite the Madhouse production. Your insight makes it sounds like the characters at least slightly step away from the typical design. Would you say the show as of now presents enough intrigue in the way of warfare/politics or characterization for somebody who generally doesn’t enjoy the kind of story this appears to be modeled after?

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    1. They kind of do. Which is a good thing. As it allows the characters to develop organically, and not have “romantic” feelings shoe horned in just because the two main leads are close with each other. At this moment, I would say give it a shot. If it doesn’t tickle your fancy then that’s fine. If you’re in to this type of anime. Then I’ll recommend you Arslan Senki. Season 1 has 25 episodes. Whilst the new season that is currently airing has only 8.


  3. Still need to check this one out for myself. Definitely tag me over twitter or something like that when you give your overall thoughts towards the show once it ends.

    As for myself, I am busy watching some other epic adventure (fantasy) series currently: Thunderbolt Fantasy, Arslan Senki Season 2, Berserk ’97, Moribito (highly recommend this series), and Michiko to Hatchin (also Highly recommend)

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    1. Do check it out and I will Mag :D. I’m watching Arslan xDD. But will check out moribito and michiki to hatchin. Thanks for the recommendation xDD.

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  4. Alderamin on the Sky is definitely my surprise favourite show this season. Solork and Yatori drew me in but the whole cast are doing a reasonable job. My one criticism so far would be that all the antagonists have been pretty useless. I’d really like to see Solork facing someone who is actually not an arrogant fool and have to actually work for his victory. I know he wouldn’t like that, but I think it would make compelling viewing.

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    1. Yeah the cast are coming together. And it makes the series pretty interesting :D. XDD yeah he wouldn’t. Definitely, a more fitting antagonist against Solark intellect.

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