Video Games News: Guild Wars 2 Living World S3 Returns!

Well if you’re a guild wars 2 player like myself, then you’d know that the game has suffered heavy content drought. Yes the game had updates, and it did include very small little content events. Nothing major though. So to hear this news, is a very good thing!.

source Guild Wars 2:

We’re excited to announce that the first episode of Living World Season 3 is coming to Guild Wars 2 on July 26, along with content and quality-of-life updates for several other game modes! In the aftermath of Mordremoth’s death, what comes next? Come together with your friends to mourn the losses you’ve suffered in battle—and to investigate an emerging threat.

I was expecting it on the 12/7, but that didn’t happen. So for it to come out on the 26th is actually a good thing, since I intend to finish off the Heart of thorns story line. I’m getting there xDD. Also I’m working towards my ascended armour (1 piece/6 done) for my main character. So it’s mostly likely, that I’d probably won’t start the new season of LW S3, till my ascended armour is done. That is my plan. However more likely than not, I’d start it without finishing my ascended armour xDD.

What do you peeps think of the trailer?. Let me know in the comment section.


3 thoughts on “Video Games News: Guild Wars 2 Living World S3 Returns!

    1. XDD that is pretty much what everyone says. GW2 is still going strong, had its first expansion. You can now instant to lvl 80 with a booster. Get 2 gold per day just by doing dailies. Got a new class, the revenant. Quite a lot has changed.

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