Spring / Summer first impression: Amaama to inazuma

Looking at the image header, that is a very sweet pic of father and daughter. You wouldn’t guess that they have a loving mother and wife doting on them both?. Except…they don’t. Kouhei Inuzuka is a maths teacher at his local high school and a widower (women are widows). His daughter Tsumugi is a pre-school. Being a working dad, he also has to manage looking after his daughter. And that isn’t any easy feat. Marking assignments, setting exercises for the next days lessons etc. Not to mention being terrible at cooking. So the best thing he can do is make boxed lunches.

Thing is, his daughter is pretty tired of having boxed lunches. And kids say the most darnedest thing. She notes that they haven’t eaten together. This hits Kouhei hard, but what hit him even harder. Is the fact that his daughter actually misses having a loving cooked meal. So when he sees her drooling on the tv screen – he runs out to a restaurant. This restaurant is run by a mother-daughter. Who also goes to the same school as Kouhei. Her name is Kotori Iida. Who just happened to give him their business card that they meet in the park.

This anime is really sweet (no pun intended), especially Tsumugi. Her facial expressions are just a joy to see. And you can’t help but smile at her cute expressions. The anime focuses on a single father and his some-what struggles in life. Trying to raise a child single-handedly. Which is a rarity, since most anime never depict them as being a child raiser. Sure there are animes that give single male a starring role. But they aren’t the child(s) biological parent. So you can see why I find it very interesting. Some may say with Kotori, it would be a teacher-student relationship. Maybe.

For me, this anime is a:

Priority: High

Screen-shot Gallery:
Gallery 1:

amaama - 1

amaama - 3

Gallery 2:

amaama - intro

amma - crying


Have you seen this show?. If so, what are your impressions of it?. What did you like / dislike about the show. If you haven’t, would you consider watching this show?. Let me know down in the comments section below.


13 thoughts on “Spring / Summer first impression: Amaama to inazuma

    1. Reminds you a bit too much of flying witch?. Normally I should follow the golden 3 episode rule count. But couldn’t help putting up a 1st impression xDD.

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      1. Oh, the episode moved a bit more than Flying Witch, and the whole emotional aspect of widower looking after daughter was interesting. I just don’t know that it’s going to be my kind of thing in the long run.

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      2. That’s fine. I know what you’re coming from. Shows like these can hit the breaks whenever and stop the immersion / momentum of the show.

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