Raiding in to the night; an updated Akame ga kill review

The series follows our main male lead protagonist Tatsumi. Who is from a poor village. He wasn’t the only one to leave the poor village. This is pretty much a revised edition of an older blog post. So I’m not going to ramble on. Other than say, some things will have stayed the same and some things have changed.

I don’t understand the feelings of the weak. The law of the world is survival at its fittest. Its how the weak are weeded out. It just means those people that died were too weak. Its only natural for the weak to perish

— Esdeath

Akame ga kill certainly has a dark plot to it. With a tyrannical prime minister who is pulling the strings behind the child emperor. The characters themselves are pretty dark; except Tatsumi. Tatsumi is your typical; happy-go-lucky, naive teenager who wants to make it rich. All for a noble cause of cause (save his starving village). Anyway, the way Tatsumi is introduced pretty much follows the manga; to the letter. No deviation there, thank goodness!. The problem with Tatsumi; he’s bland & over powered. Not much else to say, oh other than almost obtaining a small harem for himself. Poor Lubbock :(.

Akame on the other hand has a much more interesting back ground. Since she has a prequel manga as well. Being the #1 assassin for night raid and at one time for the empire. She is a femme fatale. Deadly and beautiful. Why Tatsumi can be on some skill level to her, boggles the mind. Mine, just annoyed the living hell out of me. A typical tsun. God I felt like shooting her at times. Leone is actually likeable, she brings that air of comic relief & at the same time bring a change of atmosphere. Her rack is something most take notice of and her ability to drink. Lubbock…poor Lubbock. That’s all I can say.

Esdeath, Wave, Kurome and Run are really interesting characters. Esdeath‘ warped sense of morality boils down to what is essentially ‘survival of the fittest’. Her sadistic personality is what makes her interesting, as it is the first I’ve come across a villain who is actually developed. Wave is basically everything what Tatsumi wanted when he first came to the capital. Kurome is Akame’ little sister. And her equal in terms of swordsmanship. For me Run isn’t that well known. He seems to the be moral guide to Esdeath & to the other Jaegers.

The biggest problem with this series is that it kills off anything and everything within two episodes and that’s if they aren’t a main. It doesn’t allow full character development. Also the anime pretty much inserted it’s own ending. So if any one watching the series will be confused if they were to read the manga.


  • Has an interesting narrative
  • Akame is a good lead – along with a fairly reasonably liked cast
  • Interesting world – one that is rich in lore
  • Follows the manga closely (with some scenes / arcs omitted)
  • At times it’s comedy can lighten up a rather depressing scene
  • Isn’t afraid to kill off characters
  • The VA for Akame sings the OP Skyreach


  • Tatsumi is just a bland generic male lead
  • Characters are killed off way too quickly – not enough development is given to them
  • The anime ending is non-canon to the ongoing manga
  • Mine is just so annoying (I’m being biased here)
  • However its comedic moments can take away the tone, atmosphere in a particular scene
  • Esdeath’s breasts are just way too exaggerated

Overall Grade: C+

Let me know what you think of the show, whether you’ve seen the dubbed or subbed version.


7 thoughts on “Raiding in to the night; an updated Akame ga kill review

    1. The story is pretty good. Would have been a lot better if they waited just a little bit longer, that non-canon ending isn’t very good.

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  1. I recall watching this and enjoying all of the scenes with Esdeath and the girl with the make up kit. Those two are my favorites. Mine was annoying as frig, and Leone was a pretty cool gal — funny and curvy in all the right places. I only wish it didn’t try to shock us all by killing everyone two at a time. That ruined the series for me.

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    1. Chelsea, yeah she was an interesting character. For me it was Sheele & Lubbock. God people actually liked Mine….she was the worst out of the group. Even in the manga she is annoying as hell. Agree on Leone xDD.

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