Flying through life; a witches tale

Sha-la-la-la. Flying Witch follows Makato Kowata. A trainee witch and naive teenager. Who lives with her relatives in the suburbs. What will the day(s) bring for the young trainee witch, who also has to live the life of a normal teenager. Whether it is to help out with some chores or just trying to find her way back home….without getting lost.

Witches get really pumped up when they’re in the forest and stuff

— Kei

Makato is pretty much your cute-sy teenage girl, doing cute things. Trying to find her way in life whilst staying with her relatives. Being a witch and a teenager isn’t that hard for her, since there are other witches about her age – but live in secret. And living with very understanding relatives, no wonder she doesn’t find it all that hard. Kei her 2nd cousin is pretty much an all rounded guy who is terrific at cooking. But has a fear of ghosts. Acts as a bridge to the normal, mundane daily life, if you will. In contrast to Makato who acts as a bridge to the supernatural world to him, his little sister and Nao. The running gag is that he’ll watch movies in the living room.

Chinatsu is Kei little sister. She is the curious, cute little girl who wants to be a witch. Her innocence is what gives the show that extra spark – unlike most other young sisters in other shows. Her natural curiosity is the one of the main reason why the show really shines. And then we have Akane. Makato’ older sister. She is just hilarious. Either found sleeping, travelling around the world or pass the time by getting drunk and slightly over doing the magic.

The show for the most past is very episodic. However they do inter-link bringing in that level of continuity to each other. However the problem I have with the show is that; nothing really happens. I know it’s a slice of life anime. But does it have to be this slow?. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh there. The shows real strength is the art. Some outstanding scene shots.


  • Has a nice relaxing pace; there is a draw back to this
  • The characters are likeable; Chinatsu seems to be the star of the show (although I think Akane is), there is a draw back
  • Makoto has a bad sense of direction (a running gag through out the show) along with her slight naivety and always in awe of things
  • Art is nicely done – it adds to the relaxing atmosphere
  • Episodic – you can watch it and not feel lost or felt you missed something and it has a real nice flow to them – although


  • Nothing really happens
  • No character development – Chinatsu is probably pushing it
  • Akane getting drunk or just sleeping can get a bit repetitive
  • The episodes aren’t memorable

Overall Grade: B

Have you seen flying witch?. What do you think of it if you have?. Do you plan to watch it if you haven’t?. Let me know in the comment section below.


4 thoughts on “Flying through life; a witches tale

  1. I really enjoyed it. I mean, sure at times I was wondering what the draw of it was for me and I just figured, if it relaxes me yet still keeps me interested to finish an episode, then it’s done its job. But yeah, I learned some gardening and cooking tips and the visuals were appealing.

    Even if not much happened, it could still be the most consistent show of this season. It hit #1 for many personal “top anime of this season” lists even <.<' So it consistently did what it set out to do.

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    1. That is one of the aspects I liked about the show, it’s really relaxing. And agree with the visuals. I’m glad you’ve learned some skills xDD.


  2. I dropped this series not because it was bad but because it was just too slow and lacking in any kind of drama. I really liked the look of it and the characters but found the episodes dragging on. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Yeah I know what you mean. The pace is pretty slow. There wasn’t much for the characters other than Chinatsu. Who brought the show to life. Akane is still my fav character though xDD.

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