Spring / Summer Anime Lineup (2016): Part 9

Well here is the line-up for Spring / Summer. And boy heck it looks like a shounen / action / adventure bonanza!!!!. Of course the no.1 show I’ll be watching is Arslan Senki. From the trailer, it looks like the show continues on from OVA 5 & 6. I’ve seen all of them and you’re in for a surprise. The biggest question will be on everyone’s mind; will there be consistency in art and no side story. Ange vierge, the only card show I love to this day is Yugioh. So not sure what to make of it.

Ange Vierge

Studio: Silver Link | Director: Tamura, Masafumi | Air date: 10/07/2016

Trailer link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ei0U5IIrZs

Synopsis: The story of the Ange Vierge trading card game follows what happens when “Hairou” portals suddenly open, fusing three different worlds together. As a result, various mysterious “Exceed” powers are awakened in teenaged girls. An academy for these so-called “Progress” girls is built on the isolated Seiran Island in the Pacific

Arslan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu!

Studio: LidenFilms | Director: Abe, Noriyuki | Air date: 03/07/2016

Trailer link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMvpMCbP_pQ

Synopsis: The Heroic Legend of Arslan event “Yashasiin! Carnival” announced on Sunday that a new television anime will premiere in 2016.


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