Being Lost in a Village isn’t all that cracked up to be

The synopsis of the show is pretty much described here. With an interesting premises, what can possibly go wrong?. Well mayogia or the lost village had some interesting aspects….and some problems. In a quick look back as to what looked like a promising series…. kind of got itself lost.

| You’re seriously stupid!

— Mikage, epi 12

The narrative of the lost village is pretty interesting. A village is surrounded in mystery and everyone is clambering to find it. Due to the supposed claims that is a “utopian” place. Pretty much like every other mythical place that claims such things. However what really gets the series going is the cast. And it’s a pretty large cast. However with 30 people in a 12 episode series, you can pretty much see the problem. And it’s a big one. So what do you do with a large cast. Why just focus on a few and pretty much ignore the rest. Fodder comes to mind. And even then they don’t make good fodder. Why? because there is no reason to care about them. That’s why!.

Mitsumune, Hayato, Lion, Masaki, Koharun, Valkana, Maimai, Mikage, Love-pon seem to be the main cast. As the show revolves around them in some way. Whilst there is some reasons to care about them. The way they are handled, gives even less of a reason to care. Their back story makes them interesting enough. But as stated, the way they come across is just – unbelievable!. I mean Mikage actually calls Mitsumune an idiot. And that’s the best line out of a character!. In the entire series. Which says a lot. And least not forget, the unhappy hippopotamus song comes back one last time. At least we get that, right?.

The art isn’t too bad. A lot of the scenes were done during night time. Just so their nanaki can show up more often. Speaking of their nanaki, a good use of CGI gave it an otherworldly look to them. Or they look just out right funny. The theme gets completely garbled throughout the show. Which is a shame. As it had some merits to it. But then it goes back to the way things were handled and the execution were just poor. The ending felt abrupt. They did everything right in the beginning, so where did it go awry?.


  • Having a large cast: this made the anime interesting – although there is a draw back
  • The psychological aspect of the show – although there is a draw back to this as well
  • The mystery surrounding the village is pretty interesting
  • The OP is pretty good
  • The art is decent enough – although there is a brilliant gaff (near the bottom of the page)


  • Not enough development is given to any of the characters – even the main ones are semi-developed. Some are just annoying and some aren’t liked & some do nothing
  • Socio-psychological aspect of the show can go over viewers and end up just confusing them
  • The mystery of the village isn’t delved in to further. Gives some expositions about it, but explains nothing about it – like how it came in to existence or the nature of it
  • Pacing of the show – very slow to beginning with
  • ED of the show is pretty bland

Overall Grade: D+

This is my second mini review. I hope you guys enjoy reading it, as I wanted to make my reviews digestible and quick to read & without it boring you. Or being overtly too long (which is a problem for me). So what do you think of the show?. Are you watching it? or plan to?. Let me know in the comment section below. Let them coo’ be read!!!.

12 thoughts on “Being Lost in a Village isn’t all that cracked up to be

  1. I still think the best part of the Lost Village was not knowing what was actually going on. The way the mysteries surrounding the village lured in its prey was especially hypnotic to watch. I still have the last two episodes, but I already can tell it’ll end with either exposition or “meh,” we done here. Probably the latter. Anyway, it’s fun to read people hate on this show because of how laughable I find it to be!

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    1. Pretty much so Taku. It really had an interesting premises, what really harmed it more was the way it was handled and just the execution.

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  2. I was planning to, but then I ‘ve been reading really crappy reviews of the anime, so I’m like, eh, don’t wanna waste my time . But…. maybe I will. I tend to like shows that get a D grade.

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  3. I really think The Lost Village just needed to be clearer about what it wanted to be and brand itself appropriately. Luring people in wth a horror and mystery theme and then not delivering on either is just going to annoy the audience when there is actually a kind of not terrible slice of life thing here about human psychology (you can tell I’m one of the people who got annoyed at this show).
    Thanks for sharing your views.

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    1. Thanks for commenting!. Yeah the show really got hamstrung with the cast. It tried to focus on all of them, then at some point just gave up on them. I know I compare this show to lost. And the main reason is because of the size of the cast and similar-ish story line. It would have been good if it was handled really well.

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