Video Games News: Sea of thieves releases more art work

Well this is a bit of a different game, that I normally don’t post about. However it got me pretty interested. This is Sea of Thieves from Rare. You know the company that was once owned by Nintendo. Now owned by Microsoft.

source Dualshockers:

We get to see several screenshots and pieces of artwork, ranging from naval battles to characters, enemies and weapons, and even a few concepts showcasing weather and the day/night cycle, and how they affect a pirate port.

The game made a showing at this years E3. And now there has been some other stuff shown. To be honest it looks like mighty fun and really good. I find it interesting that the art style is very cartoon-y. Unlike in the past where they were just – drab and over exaggerated. Anyway, if you own a Xbox one, then it’s a console exclusive. Or you can download it on PC (via through their windows store app) and play it there. Both being cross-play (you can play with each other regardless of what device you play).

The game is a Co-Op / MMO game. As usual folks, let you coo’ be read!!!.


5 thoughts on “Video Games News: Sea of thieves releases more art work

    1. Know the feeling since all they did last gen was focus on the kinect and avatars. So this will be interesting and it looks like fun too!!!.

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